Exun now represents India

Hi from Chennai! The final (national level) round of the Young Talent Search In Computer Programming organised by The Computer Society of India took place today at Rajlakshmi College, which was 55-65 kms away from Chennai.The final comptetion was very well organised. Although the bus ride to the engineering college was not a very pleasant one, the computer labs were good and so was the event. The questions, their submission and correction was also co-ordinated in a very orderly manner. Our team(Swati, Souvik and myself) were awarded the second prize out of about 11 teams – 4 from Delhi, 1 each from Kanpur,Kolkata and Durgapur etc. We will also be representing India along with the team which stood first(Kolkata) in two upcoming International Competitions, one of which is at IIT-Madras on the 20th of Nov. and the other one is during the second week of December at Singapore. Chennai is very hot.

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