Banyan Tree School

In the midst of Exun, I lost track of Spectrum 2004 at BTS.

Now, we don’t seem to have anyone for web designing as it’s not an “on the spot” event and no one was able to make a website beforehand. For the rest of the events:

Corel Draw





Digital Imaging



We don’t have any software display team also, so that’s sad. Come on, people. Buck up! Keep website templates ready for competitions and those who know VB or VC++, start making some kind of presentable software for SD competitions.

This list is final as far as I’m concerned. All the people mentioned here have to assemble in front of the Transport Office tomorrow morning at 7.30am because they will be going with the rest of the DPS team. Teacher Incharges, in case you need to contact them, are Suman Takru and Prema Pandey from the English Department.


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