MSM Event – Clarifications

Most exun members will argue that this entry should have been a comment but I think that the Presidents thoughts should be displayed with some pomp and fanfare. Anyways,back to the main point, The Mount Saint Mary’s School Computers + Economics Event , as the name suggests has 2 genres of events- Economics and Computers. Exun has full control on the Computers Events which are

  • Programming
  • Flash
  • Web Designing
  • 3D Graphics

We have Partial control over the ‘Grey Areas’ which are

  • Quiz
  • Symposium

We have to consider the Eco Dept about quiz members. Symposium topic selection, speaker etc will be done by the Economics Department. We can most probably select someone for Visual Aids

The Rest of the events are out of reach from exun. If you want to take part in ‘Only Eco’ or ‘Grey Area’ Events, contact anyone of the following teachers

  • Ms. Renu Nayar
  • Ms. Amrita Dutta
  • Ms. Geeta Kumar

These three will be able to help you. One more thing, reiterating your interest in the comments section for taking part in any event will not boost your chances (Bribing Helps a lot though !! 😉 )

The Sleeping President

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