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As we all know, the Members page contains a list of all members, with their email addresses and photographs. Now, the photos of many members are missing from there. For this purpose, I ask the following members to send in their photos as soon as possible, by email, to [email protected].

  1. Dhruv Agrawal
  2. Nikhil Agarwal
  3. Swati Gupta
  4. Ishita Kapur
  5. Dhruv Kumar
  6. Arushi Gabrani (!!??)
  7. Udit Rastogi
  8. Sanchit Bhatia
  9. Gaurav Mishra
  10. Aayush Kumar
  11. Anant Jain
  12. Saumya Kharbanda

Ever since Digex has taken over like the Undead, the camera is no longer very easy to find; it previously used to be in Sir’s room all the time, but now it’s impossible to find it. Since we have amongst our midst two Digex+Exun members (Gaurav Mishra, Manas Gautam), I request them to organize a photo session after the exams and take pictures of all the mentioned people. Those who have digital photos of themselves, please send them in as soon as you read this; if you have an analog photo and a scanner, do the same.

Also, I have asked Manas (are you listening?) a long time ago to collect the pictures of Exun events from the Digex folder and put it in a folder I can find them. This includes pictures from the “Sessions@Exun: PHP” event as well as the “Inter-section Class X Quiz”. Again, I ask both Manas and Gaurav to act on this as soon as possible.

Since there are exams in the middle of all this, I expect this job to be complete by 15th October.


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