Report: e-Spice 2004 at DPS Noida


Overall Trophy – Tagore International School

Runners Up – Delhi Public School RK Puram

Quiz – First Position – Abhisheyk Gaur (XI), Karan Misra (XII)

Group Discussion – First Position – Bhavya Khanna (XII)

Gaming – Third Position – Sunny Kumar Aditya (XI)

Other events that Exun participated in

Digital Imaging – Ishita Kapur (XI)

Programming – Nisheeth Sharma (XII), Souvik Das Gupta (XII)

Web Designing – Maanick Nangia (XII), Prateek Rungta (XII)

PowerPoint Presentation – Abhijit Das (IX), Anant Jain (IX)

I have to make a special note of Ishita’s work; her digital imaging was excellent, and it’s a very sorry fact that she did not win; however, she did get through to the Finals.

The quiz went very well. Our points tally was 28, while the next best team had 6 points. So we had just less than 5 times the points of the other teams. And we’re talking about good teams like Mother’s International and DPS Vasant Kunj, who were seemingly stumped by questions that were quite easy in our opinion. The whole Quiz (questions for both prelims and finals, as well as the visuals) are available for download. Click here to download the Quiz Questions. (Some extra info: The secret documents at MIT’s AI Labs are called the Jargon Files).

Another mention goes to the fact that we lost the overall by only 1 point and 1 frag. If Sunny had got one more frag in UT, he would’ve come second and we would have got the Overall. Hard luck I say!


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