Of incorrect corrections.

This post would never have gone up had it not been for certain incorrect corrections our beloved president made in his edited version of Mr. Manas Gautam’s post on ‘super-members‘.

They (the corrections) are, as follows:

Super Members Needed.

Just a proposal:

We should recruit students of Class VI, who have potential, as Exun members. We can then train them in programming, quizzing or web designing, etc., so that, by the time they are in 8th, they will be like super members – and we need good members to carry on Exun’s legacy. So, do comment on this post.


P.S.: This idea is being used by DPS VK for their quizzing team which took up 2 students from Class IV and by the time they were in 6th (this year), they were very, very good quizzers.

The explanations are as under:

  1. Misplaced ‘Just’: Considering the presence of the colon immediately after the word ‘proposal’, the ‘just’ is superfluous and may be omitted. If one wishes to do away with the colon (which would be ideal), one may precede the ‘just’ with ‘This is’, and replace the colon with a full-stop.
  2. Combiner mismatch: This is a hard one to catch when one uses the term ‘etc.’. It must be understood that placing an ‘or’ after ‘quizzing’ causes the statement to become ‘quizzing or web designing and others’, which is meaningless and grossly incorrect.
  3. The comma after ‘so that’ is superfluous, and the statement is perfectly correct without it.
  4. Comma required before and after ‘like’.
  5. Misplaced ‘and’: You probably meant ‘as’.
  6. DPS VK: D.P.S. V.K. It may be noted that the last ’.’ also serves as a terminator.
  7. Quizzing Team: It should be ‘quizzing team,’.
  8. Why is the ‘up’ there anyway?

I would like to point out to my beloved and most revered president that there is no such thing as perfect grammar. I suspect that there may be some errors in this post also, and for them, I sincerely apologize (the commas are perfectly arranged in this statement, try speaking it out). But, I would also like to remind His Excellency, the shorter president, that he should not go about correcting others, if he can’t be correct himself.

I apologize for any feathers that I may have ruffled.

Yours sincerely,

Nisheeth Sharma.

(Sr. Programmer)

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