The Inner Stickler

I am now unleashing a certain beast into the blogosphere, which I had, till now, kept leashed only to my Journal. I shall be noting any case of bad punctuation or grammar on all the blog entries I read from now on; so all Bloggers beware! If you want an example of what punctuation is simply not about, I suggest visiting Gudi’s Blog; if you want to see how a punctuated piece of writing looks like, I suggest visiting the President’s Journal – links to both can be found on the sidebar. I expect elegantly styled and prim-and-proper entries from each and everyone (both teachers and students) posting to this sacred log (and its comments).

Just because you’re on the Internet doesn’t imply that you’re going to rape the language. On a side note, I have recently been reading “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” by Lynne Truss; the dear lady Truss has helped me overcome my apprehension of righting wrongs.

Read my entry on A(pos)trophy for a bit more [information]


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