After spending so much time on thinking about doing something odd and vigorous, I came up with the idea of developing viruses.Well, I am not a professional virus creator and no one can expect me to do so also,but this project would be an .exe file.

  • Deletion of this file would not be possible
  • Its main damage causing area would be C:\windows\system
  • Operating system will be smashed as it would infect the registry files-Finally the boot sector of the hard disk will get damaged and the first strike would be *MGR(partition table in the computer hard disk).

I know,making all this needs heavy and logical coding in VB.Everybody is invited to help me and lets plan to end up with this successfully.After all, our combind efforts will pay and EXUN computer club will come up with a new category – “Virus Mania”

The attached file exactly gives the screenshot of what will happen.This is not the real file but a before hand animation of the overall effect.The only difference is that a virus doesnot tell you what it is doing.This animation is made just to show the steps of damage by labelling every action.


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