Exun Programming Entrance for Class VIII: Logic Test

Very few people turned up for the test. We were anyways not expecting much attendence due to lack of advertisement for this event. However, all the six people who did give the test have cleared the prelim. The questions were divided in three levels, level III being the most difficult one. Points were also awarded accordingly. The response was not very encouraging as only two people managed to get a level III question right, but on the other hand, no one fared badly. The results are as follows:

    • Raghav Arora (VIII-C) : Scored the maximum no. of points, but wasn’t able to get a single Level III question right, which was dissapointing.
    • Rahul Bhatnagar (VIII-L) : Second position, one correct level III answer.
    • Mohit Deep Singh (VIII-C) : Third, one correct level III answer.

    Due to lack of participation, we will soon be organising another logic test for class VIII. As mentioned earlier, the six people who gave the tests today do not have to give this upcoming test as they all cleared the prelimnary test. People will be chosen from both the batches. You can download the questions and try them.The solutions are also available here.

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