Domain Square (unofficial)

Hello Fellow exunites. this is an unofficial post on Domain Square-2nd aug

I do not know who the winner was. I dont even know who cleared the first round. But i have found out that we have a new computer teacher, Mr. Ankit Wadhwa.

well i shall tell u how. well u see that we had the domain square competition for class 10 today and who wouldn’t like to fire a few rounds? so we had this extremely irritating guy, who is also in my class, wanting to play games. He asks Ankit, the one who hath the 6600, if he can play or not and Ankit allows.

We received certain complaints that somebody is playing without registering, looking into the matter we found out that it was that same person. On being interrogated he replies that he has asked the teacher.


answer: Mr. Ankit Wadhwa, who was happily chatting on his phone a few minutes later.

I hope Karan posts an official entry on Domain Square

thank you

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