Earn your own pocket money!!

Is your pocket money not able to keep up with your expenditure? Now here’s an idea to utilize your brains for a ‘good cause’.

During the summer vacations I got to know about a site acting as an interface between programmers and buyers from around the world. Buyers (reffered to as webmasters on the site) post their projects on this site and programmers (like me) get paid for what we like to do best.

On my first project, I got $90 for a couple of days work. The amount (though quite a sum for me) was very small according to the webmaster I worked with!

The payment method was also very convenient. The site (namely Scriptlance) charged $2 for sending the cheque to my home and $5 as a commission. The commision was not a problem as the webmaster paid it for me!

My project was related to Flash Animation. But there are various other categories of projects that are present such as WebSite Designing, Flash Animation, PHP, Data Entry, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Writing etc. Webmasters post their projects on the site and lots of programmers bid on the project. Then the webmaster chooses the programer he thinks is the best and pays him to do the job.

Winning of the bid is a very important and not so easy task and having your own site is a great advantage (as I found to my expense).

Now to get more details and to start earning straight away all you have to do is to sign up (free)with Scriptlance by following the link given below : 


The biggest reason for getting quite a good sum for small projects is that most webmasters are of US origin and they count there money in dollars. Even if we get a cool Rs 5000, they see it as just $100!

I don’t know how many of you know about freelancing, but I hope that those who don’t, don’t think that I am joking.

Hoping freelancing won’t reduce the involvement of Exun members with the club,


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