Not a revolutionary idea, but let me outline it.

I’ve wanted to learn ASP and PHP – web languages basically – for a long time now, but the books are hundreds of pages thick and I don’t have the resolve to open and read them. Similarly, I have read books on topics that others would like to know about but do not have the patience to sit and read them for themselves.

I suggest that when a significant number of Exun members want to learn about a specific topic, they can post a plea on ln(exun) titled “Sessions@Exun: ” and ask other members who also want to learn about the same topic vote in the comments. It would also request any member who is versed in the topic to come forward.

When a knowledgable person comes forward, s/he can be asked to conduct a little class during stayback outlining the topic, giving the basics, and referring to appropriate books and reference material on the Internet. This privilege could be extended to accept non-Exun members into the Sessions who might get interested and want to join Exun.

I would, as I mentioned, like to learn ASP and PHP, and I know a person (namely Maanick) who is versed in the subject, and I would like it if he conducted a Session on it. And, for example, I’ve read this book on cryptography, which is very interesting yet is highly repetitive. So I could mash it down and conduct a Session on cryptography.

Please post your comments (votes) on whether you like the idea, or whether it should be dismissed.

I, am, at your service,


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