Interface 2004 at St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School

This competition is on Friday, the 23rd. The events are:

  • Programming in C++ (2)
  • Declamation (2)
  • Hardware Assembly (2)
  • Flash Animation (1)
  • Digital Imaging (1)
  • Watch ‘N’ Present (2)
  • Quiz (2)

Digital Imaging

Topic: “The Advent of youth in Indian Politics” [Not on the Spot]

Image must be carried on a ZIP disk or a CD

The image must be as humorous as possible

Participant must have copyrights for the images used


One Speaker and One Interjector

Choice of Topics:

  • IT companies are not as enthusiastic about developing data security methods as they are about new software.
  • It’s high time that censor board is set up to govern use of Internet so as to protect society from negative influences.

3 minutes to speak, 30 seconds to conclude. Penalty for time exceeding 3:30.

  • One interjection per speaker is allowed
  • Speakers cannot interject
  • No cross questioning
  • Speaker must either be for or against the topic
  • Best two interjectors will be awarded
  • Topic selected by the speaker must be mentioned on entry form


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