Answers to Compulsory Quiz


  1. Field Programmable Gate Array
  2. Recreational Software Advisory Council
  3. Multi-resolution Seamless Database
  4. Media Access Control
  5. Internet Message Access Protocol
  6. Business Process Outsourcing
  7. Open Source Development Labs
  8. GNU Compiler Collection
  9. Advanced Technology Attachment
  10. GNU Network Object Model Environment

The Real Questions

  1. Open Source Development Labs
  2. John Tukey
  3. RSAC
  4. MINIX
  5. Stepper Motor
  6. Donald E. Knuth
  7. Daemon
  8. @ symbol
  9. Loosely held collection of NNTP servers which act as a forum, sort of predates the internet, used largely for developer, scientific, porn, fetish, and other non-regular content
  10. When you read you say it as h t t p colon slash slash slash dot dot org. So it’s a tongue twister

Special Thanks to Aurojit Panda for help with the answers.


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