Gaming Competition for Class VIII

I, Srajan and the gamers of the sections of Class 8th entered Computer Lab 6 in the 7th period. We were here for The Domain Square Gaming Competition which was for class 8th. The game to be played was Unreal Tournament. I saw the gleam in their eyes when the game was disclosed. The sections were divided into 2 batches comprising of 6 gamers each were from sections A-F and 6 from G-L. We (me and Srajan)gave them a practice session of 10 minutes and that is the time when we were bombarded with queries and to think Karan Misra entered at that time. But after that the competition went smoothly.

In the first batch (A-F) the gamers played in DM Stalwart map where you had a time limit of 10 minutes and you could kill as many people as you could. The 3 gamers who killed the most were to be selected from each batch for the final round. The gamers who didn’t make the final 3 went back to their classes with a heavy heart but with a smile.

In the second batch(G-L) the gamers were given DM Curse map. We selected 3 gamers again for the finals and said a goodbye to the other gamers after 10 minutes.

Now, call it luck or curse a section of X came for their class i.e. the eigth period(it stretched a little bit as we were giving tutorials to the gamers for playing the game). But everything was in control. The finals were played in the Deck 16 map where the six finalists got 15 minutes of play time where they could slaughter each other as many times they could in the time limit.

The gamers who came out victorious were-

1. Digvijay Singh of VIII-A

2. Aviral Goyal of VIII-G

3. Aman Gupta of VIII-F

It’s upto Karan to decide what happens to them. We hope we would see more competitions in the near future. Special thanks to Karan Misra and Mukesh Nagpal and Mukesh Kumar sir for making this event possible.

A report by-

Manas Gautam(9-B-organizer)

Srajan Mani(9-C-organizer)

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