The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Release Date: 22 August 2017

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Naughty Dog

This unexpected addition to the hit adventure game franchise has been highly entertaining and maintains the franchise’s reputation thoroughly.

It has almost been a year since the fan-favorite Uncharted 4, with Nathan Drake’s final adventure came to a close. Naughty Dog has once again proved that its line of PlayStation exclusives are not going anywhere.

The Lost Legacy is essentially an expansion to last year’s game rather than a whole new entry, so it makes sense that it isn’t as massive a jump. However, with two powerful female protagonists having great backstories, Lost Legacy represents its subject matter excellently.

They’re a far cry from the roguish charms of Drake and Sully, but they end up being more than competent replacements.

Chloe, a thief with stealthy assassination skills made her first appearance in Uncharted 2 and Nadine, a short-tempered mercenary made hers in Uncharted 4. Their chemistry works well with Chloe’s charming personality and Nadine’s tough attitude making the story solid.


The story is based in India, with the two protagonists finding the legendary tusk of Ganesh, son of the Hindu god Shiva.

But as with every Uncharted game, another party is also competing to find the treasure, this time it is a ruthless warmonger, Asav.

Chloe and Nadine compete with Asav and his large army in order to obtain the ancient artifact. There are many close-calls and plot twists  which make the plot energetic.


Throughout the subtle single-player story you control Chloe while Nadine is AI-controlled.

The nice addition this time is that if you ever get stuck in a puzzle, Nadine completes it for you. This helps in maintaining the fast paced flow of the game.

In combat, players can use long-ranged weapons such as snipers, and short-barreled guns such as pistols and revolvers. Handheld explosives such as grenades and C4 are also available. Though players can attack enemies directly, they have the option to use stealth tactics to attack undetected or sneak by them. The game also introduces silenced weapons and lock-picking, a new addition using which players can obtain ammo and side-treasures.

Apart from these additions, the Lost Legacy still includes the familiar adventures of climbing the mountain along with the loop of exploration, platforming, shooting, and puzzle solving that has become the core to the gameplay experience of the franchise.

On the multiplayer side, The Lost Legacy also has the familiar Third-Person-Shooter with a wide array of weapons and power-ups. It is good for playing a quick match or two, but gets boring and repetitive over a period of time. The survival mode is offered offline and online, providing a challenging way to sharpen your shooting skills.


The graphics speak for themselves; Naughty Dog has been the master of squeezing every last bit out of the PlayStation system. With the previous Uncharted games and The Last of Us on PS3, they pushed the boundaries of the system’s software making their games look visually stunning. This time, with the PS4 Pro’s 4K and HDR capabilities the game has raised the bar to a new high.


The Lost Legacy is as fun and satisfying as the other entries in the series. It may not be as dynamic and emotional as Uncharted 4, but it is still an awesome way to spend the weekend.


  • Powerful characters
  • Smooth shooting mechanics
  • Simple story
  • Smart puzzles
  • Great visuals
  • Free of cost if you bought Uncharted 4.


  • Only 6-7 hours of gameplay.
  • A bit of a clichéd ending.

OVERALL: 4.5/5                



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