The Journey of Pendrive: From flash drives to wireless stick by Kaushiv Agarwal

Technology changes very fast, from big computers to portable laptops; from snail-paced 2G to blazing-fast 4G. However, the most drastic change was in terms of storage of data: The Invention of the USB Drive.

USB flash drives were invented at M-Systems, an Israeli company, and a US patent was filed on April 5, 1999, by Amir Ban, Dov Moran, and Oron Ogdan, all M-Systems employees. The product was announced by the company in September 2000 and was first sold by IBM in 8MB capacity starting December 15, 2000. Since the December of 2000, this nifty little tool has evolved considerably.

First Generation:

An original IBM DiskOnKey USB flash drive, providing 8 MB of storage. In 2000, Lexar introduced a Compact Flash (CF) card with a USB connection, and a companion card read/writer and USB cable that eliminated the need for a USB hub.

Second Generation:

By 2003, most USB flash drives had USB 2.0 connectivity, which has 480 Mbit/s as the transfer rate upper bound; after accounting for the protocol overhead that translates to a 35 MB/s effective throughput.

Third Generation:

Like USB 2.0 before it, USB 3.0 dramatically improved data transfer rates compared to its predecessor. It was announced in late 2008, but consumer devices were not available until the beginning of 2010. The USB 3.0 interface specifies transfer rates up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s), compared to USB 2.0’s 480 Mbit/s (60 MB/s)

Fourth Generation:

Manufacturers have announced USB 3.1 type-C flash drives with read/write speeds of around 530 MB/s. An example of this generation would be the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, a flash drive reinvented to work not just with your computer, but also with your phone and tablet. With the SanDisk Connect Stick in your pocket, bag, or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media, transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share media from your mobile device. Delivering up to 256GB of extra capacity, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick empowers your mobile lifestyle , whether you’re running a sales meeting or taking a hike in the woods. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick lets you stream videos or music to as many as three other devices at the same time and gives you access to all of your things from your pocket. When you’re feeling old school, use the USB connector to plug in.

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