Exun e-Lite Programming Round 2 Instructions

Congratulations! You qualified for the semi – finals!

You all now have around 5 2 days left to learn a programming language, if you don’t know one already. We recommend you start with either C++ or Python, but C and Java work as well. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

C++: Do this course till Module 4 (inclusive).
Python: Do this one till Module 10 (inclusive).

Once you’re done learning these, head over to the HackerRank, CodeChef or SPOJ, create an account, and do the Warm Up and Beginner exercises. These kinds of problems are the ones which you will be tested on, not programming theory. The above modules are just so you can learn how to use a language.

If you still have time, learn elementary topics like Binary Search and sorting a number.

Of course, if you’re stuck, message our FB page or mail us at elite2017@exunclan.com. We’ll help you out.

Update: You can code in online editors like ideone.com to code online and then save your work locally. If you want to keep it local, use IDEs like Code::Blocks for C/C++, IDLE for Python and IntelliJ for Java.

Update 2: Check out the updated paragraph above. Get cracking on the practice, only 2 days are left! Again, clear any doubts you might have by contacting us!

Good Luck!

Exun e-Lite 2017 Senior Programming Preliminary Round Results

The following students have qualified for the next round of Senior Programming:

  1. Yajur Tayal 10 F
  2. Hritik Arya 10 K
  3. Akshat 10 A
  4. Aditya Vikram Singh 11 I
  5. Siddhant Parekh 10 L
  6. Naman Dhingra 10 A
  7. Dhruv Sharma 11 M
  8. Aditya Agrawal 10 F
  9. Adhya Sharma 11 L
  10. Bharat Goyal 10 A
  11. Harsh Verdhan 11 L
  12. Hriday Gupta 11 K
  13. Chitra Tewari 11 J
  14. Uday Dhawan 11 K
  15. Chitraditya Negi 11 J
  16. Anshul Agarwala 11 F
  17. Aditya Jarodiya 9 F
  18. Aniruddha Sen 10 K
  19. Sahil Gupta 11 L
  20. Vaibhav Sharma 11 K
  21. Shikhar Sarangi 9 I
  22. Sanath Jathanna 9 C
  23. Vibhu Dubey 11 H
  24. Nishant Dhankhar 10 I
  25. Chirag Garg 11 J
  26. Vedant Trivedi 10 G

Congratulations! Refer to the post here for further instructions.

e-Lite 2017 Schedule and Updates

1. All events have an onsite preliminary and final round, EXCEPT Creative Event which has an online prelim round and an onsite final round.
2. Creative Event Prelims prompt can be found at exun.co/prompt
3. Schedule for the onsite preliminary rounds has been uploaded at exun.co/elite
4. There’s only one combined paper for senior quiz and crossword, and junior quiz and crossword. There is NO separate paper for crossword.
5. Group discussion will go from 2 – 4 pm and will be held in different slots. Hence, you can easily take part in other events without missing out the GD.
6. The consent form can either be submitted in the e-Gurukul Lab or can be printed, filled, scanned and sent to elite2017@exunclan.com with the participant’s name and class-section in the subject.

We, Not I.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 2.46.07 PM


ACCESS 2016 was held at Modern School, Barakhamba Road on 16th and 17th December 2016. Exun Clan bagged the overall runners-up trophy. The individual results are as follows:

Web Design – Winners
Vishrut Malik
Raghav Kukreti

Sub-Junior Quiz – Winners
Angad Singh
Vinayak Pachnanda

Cadet Powerpoint – Winners
Gurmani Kaur [DPS VV]

Surprise Event – Winners
Mukesh Kumar [InCharge, Exun Clan]
The Team – Exun

A/V Editing – Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal
Anirudh Chauhan

Digital Imaging – Runners Up
Neel Lakhwani
Anirudh Goyal

Crossword – Runners Up
Udit Malik
Sumay Mishra

Open Quiz – Runners Up
Kabir Goel
Aaryak Garg

Hardware – Runners Up
Shreyas Kishore

Hardware – Second Runners Up
Danish Bansal [RK]

Techathlon – Second Runners Up
Ananay Arora

Congratulations to all the winners!