Mafia 3

Released in October 2016, Mafia 3 is probably the best game in the Mafia series so far. Developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games, the third installment in the Mafia franchise typically focuses on a huge open world environment . Unlike the previous games in the series, it focuses on the aspects of revenge and vengeance, building our own gang and going against the mafia  and burning them to the ground with military-grade weaponry. It is available on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. Winner of the NAVGTR award for the best video and dramatic score, this game is surely a good pick for action loving gamers.


Mafia 3 is set in 1968, New Bordeaux, Louisiana which is also the hometown of our hero, the protagonist Lincoln Clay; with military training and combat experience in Vietnam, Lincoln is the tough guy you can rely on for anything.

After serving in the Vietnam War in the 5th Special Forces and 223rd infantry regiment , Lincoln Clay comes back to his surrogate family i.e. the black mob led by Sammy Robimson and his adopted brother Ellis. They team up with the italian mafia led by Don Marcano to loot the  Louisiana Federal Reserve, but after the heist they are betrayed and Lincoln is the only one who manages to survive. The story revolves around Lincoln building a new family on the ashes of the old and blazing a path of revenge on the brutal criminal underworld responsible.


The gameplay mostly involves driving around New Bordeaux, getting missions from various characters, reaping the  rewards, and occasionally get sidetracked along the way. The story missions are big and are set in unique, well-designed locations. This includes fighting your way through a creepy abandoned amusement park, escaping the bank vault after a heist, and sneaking aboard a sinking riverboat by swimming through water filled with gators all provide some memorable action-packed moments.

For the transportation the player gets a lot of options to choose from, ranging from Exotic 60 coupes like the super cool “Griffin Marauder” to trucks like “Bulworth Buckliners” as well as boats and other military vehicles. The fastest way is to drive around the vast map.

My favourite mode to get around is through the sportscar  ‘Berkely Stallion’ . It is easy to maneuver, decent speed but highly durable.

BUT, there are certain other issues as well. The version of the game released for the consoles has lag and a few bugs. When the intense action and battles starts, the frame rate drops below 30fps. This causes a glitch to appear and the protagonist may end up dying while engaged in combat in the middle of the mission.

For instance the initial mission in which  I was supposed to go and kill the leader of the Haitian mob, Baka. I was trying throw molotov cocktails but thy ended up burning me as  I couldn’t throw them cause of the glitch.

Also the story missions are very repetitive as we do the same things like  which leads to the person playing getting bored.


The game does justice to the action and mayhem part associated with the Mafia series.

Using the huge arsenal of Vintage weaponry and diving around in stunning antique vehicles you set  New Bordeaux on fire wherever you go. The approach is yours to choose from: stealth or full-front attack.

The game, a third-person shooter, has more of  mid to long range gunplay. We have missions which involve more of melee combat as well. Lincoln has his signature knife and carries a light and a heavy weapon along with grenades.

The game features a cover feature, allowing players to take cover behind objects to avoid enemy gunfire or detection. Players can interrogate non-playable characters  after defeating them in order to gain more information on their objectives, like scaring them while driving a car. Players can attack and overrun locations owned by the Italian mob, and assign one of their lieutenants to operate around the local area. The game allows players to drive cars from the era with realistic driving mechanics and sounds.

The light weapons usually include Shotguns like Remington 870 and Ithaca 37; Submachine guns like Heckler and Koch MP54 or the M1A1 Thomson and a wide rage of  pistols and revolvers.  Rocket and grenade launchers Hartmann HLP Grenade Launcher, Hartmann AT-40 Rocket Launcher and Explosives like Molotov Cocktail, Screaming Zemi (used as a distraction), Frag Grenade, C4 Charge.

The most useful ways to kill enemies are whistling to get their attention while  in stealth and silently stabbing them or just using the basic Colt M19 pistol. Enemies don’t really get any stronger or learn any new tricks as we progress, so we can use the same tactics.

If you ever run out of ammo or want a specific weapon or vehicle…. you can use the awesome in-game feature of  calling up allies and weapons dealers who arrive in vans and supply you with whatever you need.


  • Large Map with  freedom and no invisible in-game walls.
  • Classy and vintage arsenal of weapons and vehicles to choose from.
  • Old School Action! Melee combat and high speed chases.


  • Lag, slight glitches and performance bugs.
  • Repetitive Missions …. makes the game boring.
  • Loading time is long.

RATING: 7/10

Kartik Gupta

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