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Inter School IT Symposium Wartex #3.0

Inter School IT Symposium Wartex #3.0 was held on 25th October 2017 at
Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar.Exun Clan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy.The Individual Results are as follows:

Turn Up The Bass – Runners Up
Anirudh Chauhan
Alhad Sethi

Design 360 – Runners Up
Yashwardhann Kumar
Angad Singh

Robo-Wars – Second Runners up 
Shaurya Jain
Aahan Birla

Sagacity – Winners
Aman Verma

Eliminator – Second Runners Up
Veer Rathore Singh [Domain Square+]

Frame-By-Frame – Winners
Sarthak Saini
Shaurya Jain

Congratulations to all the winners!


Inter-School IT Syposium Infoyage 2017

Inter-School IT Syposium Infoyage 2017 was held on 16th October 2017 at
Cambridge School, Indirapuram.Exun Clan of DPS RKPuram bagged the Overall Winners Trophy.

The Individual Results are as follows:

Crossword – Winners 
Udit Malik
Sumay Mishra

Web Development – Winners 
Vishrut Malik

Incrypt[X] – Runners up 
Aaryak Garg

Audio Production – Runners up 
Anirudh Chauhan

Programming – Runners up 
Aditya Agrawal [NE]
Naman Dhingra [NE]

Create[X] – Second runners up 
Aaryak Garg
Yashwardhan Kumar
Vishrut Malik
Isha Arora

A/V – Second runners up 
Natasha Arya
Anirudh Chauhan

Quiz – Second runners up 
Udit Malik
Alhad Sethi

Congratulations to all the winners!


Inter School IT Symposium Syntax v1.0

Inter School IT Symposium Syntax v1.0 was held on 5th October 2017 at Delhi Public School International.

ExunClan of DPS RK Puram emerged as the Overall Winners!

The individual results are as follows;

Group Discussion- Winners
Sameer Chadha
Ritin Pachnanda

Surprise- Winners
Aditya Batra
Aravind Ashok

Programming- Winners
Shashwat Goel
Aman Verma

Design- Runners Up
Rajvardhan Singh
Natasha Arya

Movie Making- Second Runners Up
Sarthak Saini [Digex]
Sanjna Mehrotra [Digex]
Isha Arora
Shaurya Jain

Congratulations to all the winners!

Tech Edge 2010

Experts Unlimited

Experts Unlimited

Organisers/Event Venue:
Birla Vidya Niketan, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Dr Ambedkar Nagar, New Delhi

Date of the Event:

Senior Programming – WINNERS

  • Sakshi Gupta (XII)
  • Rishabh Marya (XI)


  • Aditya Jain (XII)
  • Rohan Nagpal (X)

New Session, New Blog. [Please restore your accounts]

Hello Everyone

This new academic session, we aren’t the only ones who’ve all graduated a grade higher. ln(exun) has also changed! To enhance security and functionality, the blog is now powered by WordPress, an open-source Blogging Platform. I’ve imported all previous posts, comments and users from the old blog. However, for security reasons, all passwords and admin/author privileges have been reset.

In order to restore your accounts on the new blog, please go to the login page (anytime during the coming week) where you can login using your Google, Facebook, OpenID or Blogger account. Your user privileges will be manually restored within 24-hours of your first login. Sorry for the inconvenience, but security was our overriding concern. If you have any troubles logging in, send an email to EmailID describing your problem and we’ll get back to you asap.

After a little playing around with php, all old permalinks have been maintained. RSS Feed is now at Although, the old rss url automatically redirects to the new feed url, I recommend updating your feed urls.

Any comments and suggestions on the design and functionality are welcome. We need a new logo for ln(exun). Any attempts/suggestions/ideas for the same will be appreciated.