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Inter-School IT Symposium Silico Battles v13.1


Inter-School IT Symposium Silico Battles v13.1 was held at Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi on 2-3 November, 2017.Exun Clan bagged the Overall Trophy.

Individual Results are as follows :

Web Design (Second Runners Up)
Yash Wardhan
Anirudh Chauhan

Respawn (Console)(Runners Up)
Yuvraj Marwah (D²S+)

Bass Face (Second Runners Up)
Anirudh Chauhan
Upamanyu Das (NE)

Senior Quiz (Second Runners Up)
Angad Singh

Dexterity (Winners)
Aravind Ashok
Yash Wardhan

Surprise Event (Second Runners Up)
Tanish Goel

Robowars (Runners Up)
Aahan Birla
Shaurya Jain

24 Frames (Winners)
Milan Singh Kashyap (DIGEX)
Udhav Sinha (DIGEX)

Congratulations to all the Winners!

Inter-School IT Symposium Code Wars 2017

Inter-School IT Symposium Code Wars 2017

Inter-School IT Symposium Code Wars 2017  was held at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj on 26th-27th October 2017.

Team of ExunClan from DPS RKPuram emerged as Overall Winners

Senior Quiz Runners Up
Udit Malik XI-J
Alhad Sethi IX-F

Programming Runners Up
Shashwat Goel XI-F

Group Discussion Winners
Ritin Pachnanda XI-V

Junior Quiz Winners
Alhad Sethi IX-F
Angad Singh VIII-C

Techathlon (Online) Winners
Techathlon (Onsite) Winners

Surprise Runners Up
Aaryak Garg X-G
Udit Malik XI-J

3DAV Editing Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal XII K
Arunim Gupta

Hardware Second Runners Up
Aditya Singh X-J

Inter School IT Symposium Wartex #3.0

Inter School IT Symposium Wartex #3.0 was held on 25th October 2017 at
Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar.Exun Clan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy.The Individual Results are as follows:

Turn Up The Bass – Runners Up
Anirudh Chauhan
Alhad Sethi

Design 360 – Runners Up
Yashwardhann Kumar
Angad Singh

Robo-Wars – Second Runners up 
Shaurya Jain
Aahan Birla

Sagacity – Winners
Aman Verma

Eliminator – Second Runners Up
Veer Rathore Singh [Domain Square+]

Frame-By-Frame – Winners
Sarthak Saini
Shaurya Jain

Congratulations to all the winners!


Inter-School IT Syposium Infoyage 2017

Inter-School IT Syposium Infoyage 2017 was held on 16th October 2017 at
Cambridge School, Indirapuram.Exun Clan of DPS RKPuram bagged the Overall Winners Trophy.

The Individual Results are as follows:

Crossword – Winners 
Udit Malik
Sumay Mishra

Web Development – Winners 
Vishrut Malik

Incrypt[X] – Runners up 
Aaryak Garg

Audio Production – Runners up 
Anirudh Chauhan

Programming – Runners up 
Aditya Agrawal [NE]
Naman Dhingra [NE]

Create[X] – Second runners up 
Aaryak Garg
Yashwardhan Kumar
Vishrut Malik
Isha Arora

A/V – Second runners up 
Natasha Arya
Anirudh Chauhan

Quiz – Second runners up 
Udit Malik
Alhad Sethi

Congratulations to all the winners!


Inter School IT Symposium Syntax v1.0

Inter School IT Symposium Syntax v1.0 was held on 5th October 2017 at Delhi Public School International.

ExunClan of DPS RK Puram emerged as the Overall Winners!

The individual results are as follows;

Group Discussion- Winners
Sameer Chadha
Ritin Pachnanda

Surprise- Winners
Aditya Batra
Aravind Ashok

Programming- Winners
Shashwat Goel
Aman Verma

Design- Runners Up
Rajvardhan Singh
Natasha Arya

Movie Making- Second Runners Up
Sarthak Saini [Digex]
Sanjna Mehrotra [Digex]
Isha Arora
Shaurya Jain

Congratulations to all the winners!

Sudocrypt 6.0

Sudocrypt 6.0 – the sixth iteration of the Exun Clan’s online cryptic hunt – starts in around 5 days! The event shall be held over 2 days, from 00:00:00 on 21st November 2016 to 23:59:59 on 22nd November 2016, Indian Standard Time (IST).

Are you game?
Register at!

The winner of Sudocrypt 6.0 will receive a special prize, the top 3 rankers will receive trophies and the top 25 rankers will receive ExpertSudo certificates!

The Exun Clan is Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram’s IT Club, and has been organizing Sudocrypt since 2011.

Cryptic Hunts have no prerequisite knowledge! All you will need is your wits and your will to push the limits of your out-of-the-box thinking skills.

Ordin@trix 2016

Ordin@trix 2016 was held at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar on 2nd August, 2016.

The results are as follows:

Hacking – Winner
Ananay Arora

Group Discussion – Winner
Adit Bhardwaj

A/V – Runner Up
Chaitanya Vaish

Creative Event – Runners Up
Ananay Arora
Rohan Dhar
Anirudh Goyal

Movie Making – Second Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal
Shivin Uppal [NE]
Stuti Banga [NE]
Shaurya Jain [NE]

Congratulations to the winners!

MODEM 2016

MODEM 2016 was held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar on 24th August, 2016.

The results were:

Web Designing – Winner
Rohan Dhar

Gaming – Second Runner Up
Ananya Chopra

Programming – Second Runners Up
Ayush Singla
Aman Verma

Movie Making – Second Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal
Shaurya Jain [NE]

Congratulations to the Winners!

eSpice 2016

eSpice 2016 was held on 20th August 2016 at DPS Noida. The individual results are as follows:

WebD / Design – Winners : Anirudh Goyal and Ananay Arora

Music Mixing – Runners Up : Anirudh Chauhan [NE] and Ananay Arora

Surprise Event – Runners Up : Shashwat Goel

Matrix Ecomm 2016

Matrix Ecomm 2016 was held on 20th August 2016 at Mount Saint Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt.

The individual results are as follows:

Creative Event – Runners Up :

Neel Lakhwani and Vishrut Malik

Programming – Winners :

Manav Aggarwal and Sarah Randhawa

3D-A/V – Runners Up :

Chaitanya Vaish and Avi Chandra

Quiz – Second Runners Up :

Aveneel Waadhwa and Raaghav Tarak Khanna

Gaming – Runners Up :

Saharsh Vedi and Aryaman Singh

Ads Act – Winners :

Tanoy Majumdar [ETC], Dyujoy Majumdar [ETC], Suvansh Manektala [ETC], Renasha Mishra and Mohammad Osaid [ETC]

Overall : Runners Up