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C.O.Я.E 6 – Overall Winners

CORE 6 was held at Delhi Public School Dwarka from 30th October to 1st November 2013. The ExunClan were adjudged Overall Winners for the 6th consecutive time. DPS R.K.Puram also bagged the Overall Winners Trophy of AXIOM, DPS Dwarka’s Annual Mathematics Symposium, which was also held over the same 3 days, creating history by bagging the Overall Winners Trophy in both symposiums simultaneously for the first time.

37 Core+Axiom Trophies. Sweet.

37 Core+Axiom Trophies.And Bob. Sweet.

The individual results of CORE  6 are as follows:


  • Arjun Kakkar


  • Himanjal Sharma
  • Adhiraj Mahajan

Audio/Video Editing-Winners

  • Gyan Lakhwani
  • Siddharth Bhogra

Android Development-Winners

  • Pranav Sethi
  • Akshay Dadhwal

Senior Quiz-Winners

  • Bharat Kashyap
  • Vidur Butalia

Gaming-Runners Up

  • Akshay Dadhwal
  • Sahil Guleria

Digital Imaging-Runners Up

  • Aarman Roy
  • Sibesh Kar

Group Discussion-Runners Up

  • Prateek Swain

Programming-Runners Up

  • Kunal Kapila
  • Mohit Sharma

Web Designing-Second Runners Up

  • Akshay Dadhwal
  • Prannay Khosla

Robodex-Junior-Second Runners Up

  • Pranshu Mallik
  • Manan Aggarwal

Hardware-Second Runners Up

  • Agrim Bansal
  • Akshay Dadhwal

Cryptic Marathon-Runners Up

A big special mention to Prateek Swain, Abhisek Anand, Siddharth Bhogra and Shagun Goel for their last-day efforts in helping us place in the Cryptic Marathon.

With a whopping total of 1020 points, this happens to be the ExunClan’s best outing at CORE till date!

Well Done, everybody!



Code Wars 2013-Overall Winners

Code Wars 2012 was held at D.P.S. Vasant Kunj on 24th-25th October. The ExunClan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy for the 4th consecutive time. Individual results are as follows:


  • Kunal Kapila
  • Aayan Kumar

3D Modelling-Winners

  • Sibesh Kar
  • Tanay Kothari

Audio/Video Editing-Winners

  • Siddharth Bhogra
  • Gyan Lakhwani


  • Nipun Mitra
  • Adhiraj Mahajan

Crossword-Runners Up

  • Bharat Kashyap
  • Pratul Tandon

N-Crypton-Runners Up

  • Abhishek Anand
  • Akshay Gupta

Techathlon-Second Runners Up

  • Whole Team

Congratulation to all the Winners!


Interface 2013 – Overall Winners

Interface 2013 was held on 29-30th August 2013 at St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Raj Niwas Marg. Exun Clan were adjudged Overall Winners for the same. The individual results are as follows:

3D Modelling- Winners

  • Sibesh Kar
  • Akshay Dadhwal

Web Design- Winners

  • Abhishek Biswal
  • Prannay Khosla

Game Making-Winners

  • Akshay Dadhwal
  • Gyan Lakhwani

Robo-Rash-Runners Up

  • Himanjal Sharma
  • Suveer

Well Done Everybody!


Exun e-Lite Quiz Results 2013

The following teams have cleared the prelims of the Exun e-Lite Quiz held on Thursday, 8th August 2013 (in order):

  • Alabhya Vaibhav and Yashwin Ghosh (11-K)
  • Mohd. Wasih and Sarvottam (11-K)
  • Abhishek Saroha and Madhur Mittal (11-I)
  • Vaibhaw Kumar and Yatharth (11-I)
  • Tejas Sachdeva and Utkarsh Singh (11-I)

A final round will be conducted for these teams, the dates of which will be communicated to them shortly.



Exun e-Lite Creative Events Results

The following students have been selected for the second round of the creative event in their respective fields (In no particular order):

  • Anumay Mishra
  • Abhishek Anand
  • Tanmay Bansal
  • Devansh Gandhi
  • Abhinav Chaddha
  • Prannay Khosla
  • Pratham Joshi
  • Mallika Gupta
  • Markendey Khanna
  • Anirudh Goyal
  • Pranit Chaddha
  • Suvansh Manektala
  • Arnav Singh

Participants are requested to improve on their skill sets, since the standard of submissions was not quite up to the mark.We will soon announce the dates for the second round which will be a timed offline event(on-the-spot). It’s emphasis will be on simplicity and aesthetics(fonts,color combinations,arrangement of information).

We will be soon sending a mail to the participants who haven’t qualified informing them about the parts of their submission that did not meet the brief and lost them points.


Exun e-lite Senior Programming Finals 2013

The e-lite Senior Programming Finals are being held on Friday. Here are the details.

  • Venue:  Shogun Lab
  • Duration: 6th to 9th Periods

The following(SP Prelim Qualifiers) are required to report to the designated venue with a pen and a notebook.

  • Abhishek Anand X H and Rahul Shekhar X H
  • Markendey Khanna X G and Vibhu Pandey X G
  • Aditya Khandelwal XI D and Mrinal Mittal XI D
  • Shubhi Agrawal XI H and Mallika Gokarn XI F
  • Anant Sharma XI G
  • Kartikey Khullar IX B and Aryaman Dubey IX M
  • Shubham Johri IX D and Karan Choudhary IX K
  • *Shagun Goel IX and Ananay Agarwal IX
  • *Parth Mittal XI

Participants kindly note that the finals are going to be computer-based and will require the syntactical knowledge of programming languages like C++ and Visual Basic (Python and Java MAY be made available if required).

Exun e-Lite 2013 Creative Events

Think you have the mettle to become the next Andy Warhol or David Guetta?

Let your creativity flow by the bucket!

The Exunclan presents a slew of Creative Events for students of all classes as a part of it’s annual Recruitment test e-Lite 2013.

So here goes:

  • Open Creative Event
Does the idea of creating something impressive from scratch excite you? Attempt the challenging scenario given to you and unleash your creativity. This event is open for all classes. We will be accepting online submissions on up till May 10th 2013. For all details regarding topic and submission guidelines, refer to the Creative Event Paper.
  • Participation: Upto 4 Per Team
  • Eligibility: Open(Senior & Junior)


UPDATE 1: Kindly do not share your ideas with anyone other than your team members. Since the idea of this particular event is to test your creativity, revealing/discussing your idea with anyone else than your team member is counter-productive and might just put you behind in the race.
UPDATE 2: Also, participants DO NOT need to display their ideas in ALL THE mediums mentioned in the paper. You may either make a website OR a poster OR a video or a combination of the above.
  • PowerPoint Presentation
Put down the WordArt and take your hand off the animate button because there are no shortcuts to creating a beautiful presentation. Pack your aesthetic sense and get typing! You will have to create a Powerpoint Presentation on any of the topics given below. You have the option of including various forms of media which displays your technical skills in Flash Animation,Digital Imaging, Audio/Video Editing. Zip all Source Files into a compressed archive and mail it to .
  • Augmented Reality: The Future
  • The Future Of Personal Devices
  • Cyber Security:The Need Of The Hour
  • Eligibility: Junior(6th – 8th)
  • Participation: Upto 2 Per Team

Submission Deadline: May 10th 2013

  • Web Designing(HTML & JavaScript)
<webD> Calling all young web spinners! This is the spider bite you’ve been waiting for.  Here, it’s all about aesthetics, creativity, and style, as you code using your knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to create a website on the topics given below, that will truly blow us away. Usage of CSS is optional.  Zip all Source Files into a compressed archive and mail it to .</webD>
  •  Your Favourite Superhero’s Fan Page
  •  A Website for Your Favourite Automobile Company
  •  Online Catalogue for A Library
You may use forms, buttons and other JavaScript elements on your Website.
  • Eligibility: Junior(6th to 8th)
  • Participation: Upto 2 Per Team

Deadline for all events is May 10th 2013. Create your teams and send in your final submissions to with a final list of team members. Incase your files are bigger than 25 mb, upload it to and send us the link to the file.

UPDATE[23/4/2013 1200 Hours]:

Please include the following while sending in your final submissions:

  • Name/Name of Team Members along with Individual Specializations
  • Brief Written Introduction of Yourself and Your Project
  • Other Specializations/Skill Sets of Team Members

Best of Luck!
Please note that there are no online registrations for these events. If you’re looking for onsite event details, look at this.

Code Wars 2012 – Overall Winners

Code Wars Hat Trick!


Code Wars 2012 was held at D.P.S. Vasant Kunj on 6th and 7th September. The ExunClan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy for the 3rd consecutive time. Individual results are as follows:

Senior Quiz-Winners

  • Rohan Nagpal
  • Vidur Butalia
3D Modelling-Winners
  • Sibesh Kar
  • Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
Hardware Event-Winners
  • Akshay Dadhwal
  • Vidur Butalia
Video Editing-Runners-Up
  • Sibesh Kar
  • Akshay Sawhney
Web Designing-Runners Up
  • Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
  • Akshay Dadhwal
Robotics-Runners Up
  • Rishabh Mittar
  • Ram Gupta
Group Discussion-Runners Up
  • Adideva Sekhri
Techathlon-Runners Up
  • Team Event
Senior Quiz-Second Runners-Up
  • Bharat Kashyap
  • Pratul Tandon
Crossword-Second Runners Up
  • Pratul Tandon
  • Bharat Kashyap
Phew, that’s a long list! Congratulations to everybody!


Exun e-Lite 2012 for classes 9th-11th

Registrations have closed.

If you:

  • Get an adrenaline rush at the mention of technology,gadgetry and all related manifestations
  • Immediately right-click on a well-designed HTML element to inspect it’s code
  • Squirm at the use of pink cursive text against a black background
  • Are so logical that each of your thoughts are in the form of If…Else Statements
  • Like to make cartoon flash animations that put Cartoon Network to shame
  • Overclock everything from your CPU to your watch
  • End up on or every time you log in to your computer
  • Know exactly why Internet Explorer is not the best browser to use
  • Laugh every time you hear the Binary Joke
  • Consider Computer periods to be 2nd language classes
..then Exun is the place to be!
Registrations for Exun e-Lite 2012 have opened. Register Here.
What you should look forward to:

  • Quiz : Power up that grey matter and sharpen that neural network because this is the ultimate battle of the brains! And not a very easy one at that!You’ll be asked to recall everything ranging from modern gadgets, to latest software to popular internet phenomena! There will be participants per team.
  • Crossword: Fill in boxes with the correct answers according to the clues given to you.Use your knowledge of terms to make intelligent guesses based on overlapping words and common letters.A Word of Caution: Clues can get tricky! There will be 2 participants per team.
  • Group Discussion: Quick-thinking, confidence and coherence backed up by statistical data and facts ensure heated debates and discussions about topics that will be given on the spot.Make your point and accommodate other’s opinions to come out at the top! There will be individual participation.
  • Programming: 
    Make sure to include all your header files as you make your way through two rounds of intense programming.

    Participants shall be required to qualify a logic-based written prelim round following which they shall face a gruelling onsite final. Previous knowledge of programming languages like Visual Basic and C++ is required.

  • Creative Event:  Does the idea of creating something impressive from scratch excite you? Attempt the challenging scenario given to you eight days in advance and unleash your creativity through whatever digital  medium you want, the only condition being that it should be able to be viewed on a computer screen. Minimum number of people per team is 2.
    You can have a maximum of 4 people per team. If you aren’t able to form a team, then just include anyone who you think can help you, from classes 9th-11th. We’ll be judging individual contributions to the whole project.  Don’t worry, all details will be given to you when you register.
    You may specialize in:

    • Digital Imaging
    • Powerpoint presentation making
    • Flash Animation
    • Web Designing(HTML/CSS)
    • Video Editing
    • 3D design
    • Audio Editing

    Interested in the creative event? View this extract from the paper here.

  • Hardware : Power up your cores and overclock that grey matter, because you’re in for some serious hands-on competition! Participants will be tested on their knowledge of the most essential part of technology, Hardware! Identify and Benchmark components belonging to a plethora of devices and show-off all your know-how about the latest in the tech world.
    Note: There may or may not be a final for the Hardware event, depending upon the turnout.
Note:  The above details are only for students of classes  9th – 11th of D.P.S. R.K.Puram.