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Amity CyberBuzz 2017

Amity CyberBuzz 2017 was held at Amity International School, Sector 43, Gurugram. DPS RK Puram bagged the overall trophy.

The individual results are as follows:

Quiz – Winners
Kabir Goel
Alhad Sethi

Crossword – Winners
Gursher Aujila
Udit Malik

Gaming – Winners
Yuvraj Marwah

Web Development – Runners Up
Vishrut Malik
Kabir Goel

Hardware – Runners Up
Aditya Singh

Photography – Second Runners Up
Shaurya Jain
Vaibhav Sharma

Congratulations to all the winners!

e-Lite 2017 Final Round Update

The e-Lite 2017 Final Rounds will be held on 11th May and 12th May.

  • Junior Quiz and Senior Quiz will be held onstage in the AVH
  • The teams for Junior Quiz and Senior Quiz will remain same as the preliminary round
  • Participants will be provided required softwares for the Creative Event
  • Most Importantly, those who have qualified for multiple events, please note that we’ve tried to minimise the clash time. However, you will have to prioritise a bit between the events. We will keep in account that you’re trying to manage multiple events.

Qualifiers are required to send a consent at or submit one in the e-gurukul by 11th May 2017. The links for the consents are: (11th May 2017) and (12th May 2017).

The schedule for the finals is as follows:


Hoping to see you all at the event!

Exun e-Lite 2017 Creative Event Preliminary Round Results

The following students have qualified for the final round of Creative Event:

  1. Aditya Batra (10-G) – WebD
  2. Aryaman Chandra (8-K) – Design
  3. Gunjan Anand (11-I) – Design
  4. Jasmine Dar (11-I) – Design
  5. Lamha Negi (8-I) – WebD
  6. Natasha Arya (9-M) – Design
  7. Satvik Khanna (8-A) – WebD
  8. Shinjini Harisukh (8-K) – 3D
  9. Shloke Meresh (11-T) – Audio
  10. Upamanyu Das (10-I) – Audio

Congratulations to the qualifiers!


Exun e-Lite 2017 Hardware Preliminary Round Results

The following students have qualified for the final round of Hardware:

  1. Upamanyu Das (10-I)
  2. Shivam Rathore (11-G)
  3. Aravind P Ashok (10-L)
  4. Karan Handa (10-K)

Congratulations to the qualifiers!

All the qualifiers are requested to contact Shreyas Kishore:

He will be providing instructions to the qualifiers.