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Gateway 2016

Gateway 2016 was held at Montfort School, Ashok Vihar on 29th July, 2016.

The results are as follows:

Creative Event – Winners

  • Ananay Arora
  • Anirudh Goyal

Gaming – Winner

  • Aryan Arora

Shark Tank (Startup Pitch) – Runners Up

  • Adit Bhardwaj
  • Sameer Chadha
  • Shivastu Kartik

Programming – Runners Up

  • Manav Aggarwal
  • Sankush Gupta

Congratulations to the winners!

Exun e-Lite 2016 Prelim Results

Exun Clan’s induction test, e-Lite 2016 had it’s preliminary round held on 20th July 2016. The preliminary results of the respective events are given below.

Junior Quiz Qualifiers

  • Angad Singh (VII-C) and Vinayak Pachnanda (VII-A)
  • Armaan Singh (VIII-E) and Vinayak Aggarwal (VIII-E)
  • Ashvin Verma (VII-K) and Ashay Srivastava (VII-I)
  • Anmol Singh (VIII-B) and Turrag Dewan (VIII-B)
  • Shivansh Bhatnagar (VI-G)
  • Garv Jain (VII-I) and Vansh Jain (VII-I)
  • Ishir Bhardwaj (VIII-A) and Somesh Kar (VIII-G) [Non Competitive Exun Members]

Crossword Qualifiers

  • Vedant Singh (XI-F) and Aneesh Gupta (XI-F)
  • Advaya Gupta (XI-J) and Aditya Bansal (XI-J)
  • Dev Kala (X-D) and Dev Priya (X-D)
  • Raghav Runga (X-C) and Dhairya Sethi (X-J)
  • Angad Singh (VII-C) and Vinayak Pachnanda (VII-A)
  • Tarun Patra (X-H) and Aditya Vikram Singh (X-H)
  • Gursher Ahuja (X-F) [Non Competitive Exun Member]

Senior Quiz Qualifiers

  • Aaryak Garg (IX-G) and Aditya Batra (IX-G)
  • Ashma Pandya (X-K) and Punya Gupta (X-K)
  • Baibhav Vatsa (XI-I) and Aryaman Singh (XI-I)
  • Aditya Singh (IX-J) and Archit Gupta (IX-D)
  • Ritik Keswani (XI-F) and Tanmay Gupta (XI-L)
  • Himanshu Kr. Jain (XI-I) and Maitreya Singh (XI-I)
  • Kabir Goel (IX-I) and Gursher Ahuja (X-F) [Non Competitive Exun Members]
  • Sudhanshu Agarwal (XI-F) and Anshuman Dixit (XI-F) [Non Competitive Exun Members]

Group Discussion Qualifiers

  • Aditya Shankar
  • Angad Singh (VII-C)
  • Isha Arora (X-K)
  • Raj Bakshi
  • Aditya Joshi (IX-A)
  • Nishkarsh Srivastava (IX-L)
  • Himanshu Kumar Jain (XI-I)
  • Raunaq Sharma (XI-U)

Hardware Qualifiers

  • Aditya Singh (IX-J) and Zuber Kishore Ajwani (IX-J)
  • Aaryak Garg (IX-G) and Upamany Das (IX-I)
  • Karan Handa (IX-K) and Aravind Ashok (IX-L)
  • Ashna Pandya (X-K) and Punya Gupta (X-K)

Results for Junior and Senior Programming will be out shortly. Results are listed in no particular order.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

Exun e-Lite 2016

e-Lite Poster

The Exun Clan presents Exun e-Lite 2016, Exun’s annual recruitment event open to all students from classes 6th to 11th. The event details are as follows :

  • Quiz If you have a brain that relentlessly collects tidbits of knowledge of the tech world, ever ready to work your neural networks and conjure an answer out of the blue, then quizzing is for you!
    • Eligibility – Senior (9th – 11th) , Junior (6th – 8th)
    • Participants per team: Up to 2
  • Hardware If you take apart every device you can get your hands on, and are the go-to guy whenever your friends need to buy a new phone or laptop, then power up your cores and overclock that grey matter because hardware and benchmarking is the perfect event for you!
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Participants per team: Up to 2
  • Crossword If you can draw connections between the randomest of things, and if you are a king or queen of puns with a good knowledge of the tech world, then nothing will give you greater joy than our crossword event!
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Participants per team: Up to 2
      The top 6 teams in the junior quiz prelims will qualify to the junior quiz finals. The preliminary round for the senior quiz, hardware and crossword events will be on a single paper. The top 6 teams in the hardware section alone will qualify to the hardware finals, the top 6 teams in the crossword section alone will qualify to the crossword finals, and the top 6 teams overall, in the entire paper, will qualify to the senior quiz finals.
  • Creative Event: Digital Imaging If design is what you are absolutely passionate about; if you inevitably find yourself browsing through websites like Dribbble and Behance, then the Digital Imaging event is the place to be. We present e-Lite as an opportunity to harness your inherent creativity with the help of amazing software.
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Individual Event
  • Creative Event: Web Design For those of you who inspect each and every element on each and every web page you come across in order to analyse what lies behind the scenes; for those of you who judge organisations by the how beautiful their websites look, we present e-Lite as an opportunity to show to us your creativity and skills.
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Individual Event
  • Creative Event: Audio-Video If you imagine Head-Up Displays while day dreaming in class or are particularly inspired by the magical technology that can make Transformers seem real – get ready to animate text and shapes into something that makes an impact. We present e-Lite as an opportunity to show to us how you create videos and manipulate sounds into pieces of art that make audiences stand up and applaud.
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Individual Event
  • Programming Make sure to include all your header files as you make your way through two rounds of intense logical stimulation and puzzles that will leave you bamboozled.
    • Eligibility – Senior (9th – 11th) , Junior (6th – 8th)
    • Individual Event
      No prior knowledge of programming is required for the preliminary rounds of the Programming event and therefore, if you think you’re good at solving puzzles and can work your way around patterns and sequences, then, have a crack at the paper, you must! Participants shall be required to qualify a logic-based written prelim round following which they shall face a grueling onsite final.
  • Group Discussion Quick-thinking, confidence and coherence backed up by statistical data and facts ensure heated debates and discussions about topics that will be given on the spot. Make your point and accommodate other’s opinions to come out at the top!
    • Eligibility – 6th – 11th
    • Individual Event

You can register here. The Onsite Events will be held after school hours on 20 July 2016 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. A stay back consent slip can be collected from the e-Gurukul Lab or be downloaded here and emailed to No student shall be allowed to stay back without the submission of the consent slip to Mr. Mukesh Kumar, HOD, Computer Science (either in school or via email).

Below is the schedule for e-Lite 2016 (Click to enlarge)Schedule

Creative Event Preliminary Round

Preliminary round entries will be judged by alumni and the best few entrants will be part of a final round which will take place at school on a later date.

Here is the preliminary prompt for e-Lite 2016’s Creative Event:

There is no registration for the Creative Event Prelims. All the entries are to be sent to us at

Please note that participation is strictly individual. Team entries will not be considered. An FAQ section with complete details on the event has been included in the prompt, but please feel free to contact us at with any questions or queries you may have, or if you wish to use a software program not listed in the prompt.

The deadline for submission of entries is 31st July 2016.

AlphaNode 2016

Alphanode 2016 was held at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon Sector 45 on 14th July, 2016.

The results are as follows:

Creative Event – Runners Up

  • Ananay Arora
  • Chaitanya Vaish
  • Neel Lakhwani

App Dev – Runners Up

  • Manav Aggrawal
  • Neel Lakhwani

3D Modelling – Runners Up

  • Avi Chandra
  • Pradyut Kumar

Congratulations to the winners!