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Exun Elite Senior Programming 2013 Results

The e-Lite 2013 Senior Programming Finals were held on 10th May 2013. The teams, however, could not be ranked because every Non-Exun team was tied at a total score of zero. A re-Final would be conducted tentatively after the vacations. However, the purpose of conducting a re-Final would be defeated if the qualified teams do not improve their programming skills. The participants should be well versed in Dynamic Programming and Recursion at the event.  The following are some good resources to start with

Google I/O 2013 Keynote

Google I/O 2013 Keynote, the developer conference of Google, was held at San Francisco, California. The event was interesting and fun, and Google announced some amazing features. People from all over the world gathered to the hall and there was a WebCast live on youtube. Let’s take a look.

  • Google announced 900 million activations, 48 billion apps downloaded.
  • Google Now: A voice assistant, understanding all voices and accents.
  • Android Studio: a new IDE built just for Android Developers.
  • Google announces 41 new Google+ features.
  • Google announces Hangouts, a cross-platform messaging service for iOS, Android & Chrome.
  • Google unveils new Google Maps for desktop with unified imagery, new interface, live 3D and more.
  • Google unveils Web-based interface development for Android.


The biggest disappointment for all users and developers was that there was no sign of Android 5.0 – Key lime Pie and Google Glass. 

Watch the Google I/O here:

Note: The conference starts from 6:30 in the video.

Exun e-lite Senior Programming Finals 2013

The e-lite Senior Programming Finals are being held on Friday. Here are the details.

  • Venue:  Shogun Lab
  • Duration: 6th to 9th Periods

The following(SP Prelim Qualifiers) are required to report to the designated venue with a pen and a notebook.

  • Abhishek Anand X H and Rahul Shekhar X H
  • Markendey Khanna X G and Vibhu Pandey X G
  • Aditya Khandelwal XI D and Mrinal Mittal XI D
  • Shubhi Agrawal XI H and Mallika Gokarn XI F
  • Anant Sharma XI G
  • Kartikey Khullar IX B and Aryaman Dubey IX M
  • Shubham Johri IX D and Karan Choudhary IX K
  • *Shagun Goel IX and Ananay Agarwal IX
  • *Parth Mittal XI

Participants kindly note that the finals are going to be computer-based and will require the syntactical knowledge of programming languages like C++ and Visual Basic (Python and Java MAY be made available if required).

Cyber Buzz 2013 – Overall Winners

Cyber Buzz 2013 was held on 3rd – 4th May 2013 at Amity International, Gurgaon. Exun Clan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy. The results are as follows:-

    Gaming – Winners

  • Sahil Guleria
    Group Discussion – Winners

  • Parth Mittal
    Crossword – Winners

  • Akshay Gupta
  • Tanay Kothari
    Quiz – Runners Up

  • Vishesh Balani
  • Siddharth Bhogra
    A/V Editing – Runners Up

  • Siddharth Bhogra
    Cryptex – Second Runners Up

  • Whole Team

Congratulations to all the winners!