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Exun 2011

Exun 2011 dates finalised… 19th-20th November 2011
All the participating Geeks and Creative Experts – Mark these dates in your calendars.

From Exun

Exun 2011 Ingredients:

  • Senior Quiz
  • Junior Quiz
  • Crossword
  • Programming
  • Swat The Bug
  • Gaming
  • Creative Event
  • Group Discussion
  • Surprise Event
  • Hardware/Benchmarking
  • SudoCrypt (Online Event)

Updates on the same are available at

Online Registration started on 29th October 2011

e-Lite 2011 Final Results

(Updated on 05-September-2011)

e-Lite 2011, the intra-school IT and technology competition, was held on 25th-27th July, 2011.

Note: The results in bullets are in no particular order.

Creative Event

Due to the subjective nature of this competition, there are no positions. The following is a list of people whose entries we liked.

  • Akshay Dadhwal (X-C): Web Development
  • Abhishek Biswal (X-B): Web Development
  • Ananay Agarwal (VII-H): Digital Imaging

Day 3

Junior Quiz – Final Result (In Order Of Rank)

  1. Akshay Gupta (VIII-G) and Rishabh Nirula (VIII-G)
  2. Tanay Kothari (VIII-H) and Prateek Soni (VIII-H)
  3. Saumitra Khullar (VII-F)

Senior Quiz – Final Result (In Order Of Rank)

  1. Bharat Kashyap (IX-E) and Shiven Mian (IX-E)
  2. Akshay Dadhwal (X-C) and Arneish Prateek (X-M)
  3. Gyan Lakhwani (X-A) and Sharad Tara (X-I)

Group Discussion – Final Results

  1. Adideva Sekhri (XI-H) [Non-Competitive]
  2. Samyak Dixit (XI-O)
  3. Trijit Mukhopadhyay (XI-J)
  4. Gyan Lakhwani (X-A)

Programming – Final Results

Exun stands for “Experts Unlimited”. However, it is with regret that we must state that no expertise was shown in the programming event. We do not feel we can declare any “winners” for this event. All finalists are requested to mail the solutions to the sample paper (See the previous blog post) as well as programming final paper (Senior Finals, Junior Finals) to karanveer [dot] 1992 [at] gmail [dot] com or elite2011 [at] exunclan [dot] com. August. Participants who were unable to give the finals for some reason may also send their solutions.

Day 2

Junior Quiz – Finalists

  • Akshay Gupta (VIII-G) and Rishabh Nirula (VIII-G)
  • Tanay Kothari (VIII-H) and Prateek Soni (VIII-H)
  • Ananay Arora (VII-A) and Haardik Kumar (VII-A)
  • Sarvam Goel (VIII-G) and Saarthak Tandon (VIII-G)
  • Saumitra Khullar (VII-F)
  • Saatvik Jain (VIII-K) and Archit Aggarwal (VIII-K)

Junior Programming – Finalists

  • Tanay Kothari (VIII-H) and Prateek Soni (VIII-H)
  • Sarthak Tandon (VIII-G) and Sarvam Goel (VIII-G)
  • Ananay Arora (VII-A) and Haardik Kumar (VII-A)

Junior Group Discussion – Finalists

  • Saumitra Khullar (VII-F)
  • Akshay Gupta (VIII-G)

Day 1

Senior Quiz – Finalists

  • Vinamra Maloo (IX-G) and Kaustubh Saxena (IX-G)
  • Gyan Lakhwani (X-A) and Sharad Tara (X-I)
  • Bharat Kashyap (IX-E) and Shiven Mian (IX-E)
  • Shreyas Padhy (XI-H) and Utkarsh Agarwal (XI-H)
  • Siddharth Bhogra (IX-E) and Kushagra Samarth (IX-E)
  • Akshay Dadhwal (X-C) and Arneish Prateek (X-M)

Senior Programming – Finalists

  • Kunal Kapila (X-A) and Aayan Kumar (X-M)
  • Utkarsh Agarwal (XI-D) and Shreyas Padhy (XI-H)
  • Shayon Sengupta (X-M) and Dhruv Shaurya Singhal (X-M)
  • Akash Malik (XI-I) and Akshay Sawhney (XI-K)
  • Akshit Kumar (X-I) and Akshit Tyagi (X-M)
  • Abhinav Agarwal (XI-F) and Shourya Khanna (X-M)
  • Soham Roy (X-K) and Shantanu Chhabra (X-K)

Junior Programming – Finalists (Moved from Senior Programming Prelims)

  • Pawan Khanna (IX-E) and Vishesh Balani (IX-I)
  • Aditya Khandelwal (IX-G) and Stuti Sethi (IX-G)
  • Mrinaal Mittal (IX-G) and Vansh Gambhir (IX-I)

Senior Group Discussion – Finalists

  • Gyan Lakhwani (X-A)
  • Sharad Tara (X-I)
  • Vansh Chopra (XI-K)
  • Trijit Mukhopadhyay (XI-J)
  • Bharat Kashyap (IX-E)
  • Trisha Pande (X-I)
  • Vinamra Maloo (IX-G)
  • Shivam (XI-K)
  • Arneish Prateek (X-M)
  • Pushkar Mishra (X-H)
  • Samyak Dixit (XI-O)
  • Adideva Sekhri (XI-H)
  • Pranay Dilawari (XI-I)
  • Dhruv Diddi (XI-J)
  • Mayank Gulati (XI-H)

Hardware and Benchmarking – Final Results*

*As the performance of the rest of the participants was not upto the expected standard, the final round for hardware and benchmarking stands cancelled.

  • Keshav Adhyay (X-L)
  • Akshay Dadhwal (X-C)
  • Ram Gupta (X-I)
  • Special Mention: Parth Mittal (IX-F)

Congratulations to all those who made it to the finals!