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Dynamix 2010 – Overall Winners

Dynamix 2010 was organised on 26 November 2010 at Ramjas School, R.K. Puram. The ExunClan bagged the Overall Trophy at the same. The following are the individual results:

  1. Group Discussion – 1st position
    • Aditya Jain
  2. Programming – 1st position
    • Rishabh Marya
    • Shubham Goel
  3. PowerPoint Presentation – 1st position
    • Shagun Goel
    • Keshav Makker
  4. Senior Quiz – 2nd position
    • Aditya Jain
    • Pratul Tandon


Here’s to the crazy ones

This is a thank you note for everyone who made Exun 2010 so special

Bharat Kashyap, Shagun Goel,Raghav Batra ,Neel Lakhwani, Keshav Makkar, Keshav Adhyay Rakesh, Tanish Pratap, Ambar Pal, Arpit Kalla, Mohit Sharma, Laksh Goel, Siddhant Shah and Ushmita Seth
The escort duty is the most demanding job at any Exun event. All of them executed their jobs flawlessly as was demanded. What we’ve got here is a talented bunch of people who are also ready to work really hard, which leads us to believe that the future of Exun is in safe hands. Bharat here deserves special mention. He was in school up till 8 in the evening, and we believe was one of the hardest working members this year.

Vidur Butalia
Vidur is Exun’s own Jimi Hendrix, much to Shashi maam’s dismay. A quizzing prodigy in the making, Vidur has helped Exun to bag various laurels this year. His fine command over the art of sarcasm is well known and appreciated by all. Vidur, for the lack of a better word, is an essential in the Exun community.

Pratul Tandon
Also an upcoming quizzer in the Delhi circuits, Pratul is sincere, hardworking and hungry- The reason why he wasn’t assigned the food duty. Jokes apart, Pratul has proved his quintessential mettle in the past and surely has potential for much more. Yet another fine chap to hang out with.

Sibesh Kar
Although he was unable to attend the event itself, Sibesh has a done a phenomenal job with the 3D model of the school in the Exun video. SidNangia v2.0 in the making.

Rohan Nagpal
Rohan has been instrumental in Exun quizzing this year. From random facts to heavy explanations, this guy knows it all. Kudos and keep it up.

Barun Patra, Ishita Batra, Manas Jha,Mohit Sharma and Ishan Sharma
The pupils of some well abled senior Exun programmers, these people have shown the ability to work efficiently and silently without any hiccups. Exun programmers have always required zero management and this remained true for Exun 2010 as well. Thumbs up to everyone here. Manas deserves a special mention since he completed his AVH duties, and ran around whenever asked to. He has been in our opinion one of the most consistent workers for Exun ever since he joined.

Adideva Sekhri
His first Exun, Adideva was a healthy blob of matter (Still is, arguable) bubbling with excitement (Still is, unarguable). We could write a paragraph here but all you need to know is this – this man holds within himself the real spirit of Exun.

Eeshita Bajpai, Aishwarya Kane, Varnika Chawla and Devika Gupta
These ladies are extremely versatile, from judge care to invitation follow ups, they did it all. We could assign them tasks and consider them done already. Electing to study different subjects than the usual PCM-C, they are a testimony to the fact that Exun is truly a multicultural student body. Aishwarya deserves special mention since she started on the invitation follow up days in advance.

Mayank Sharma
Exun’s gladiator is one of the most feared gamers in Delhi, blazing several BYOC events behind him. Not only did he prove himself to be instrumental in finding sponsors but it was under his initiative that the gaming event at Exun 2010 was such a huge hit.

Bhuwan Khattar
The ultra-famous sciento-magician Effrafax of Wug once bet his life that, given a year, he could render the great megamountain Magramal entirely invisible.Having spent most of the year jiggling around with immense Lux-O-Valves and Refracto-Nullifiers and Spectrum-Bypass-O-Matics, he realized, with nine hours to go, that he wasn’t going to make it.So, he and his friends, and his friends’ friends, and his friends’ friends’ friends, and his friends’ friends’ friends’ friends, and some rather less good friends of theirs who happened to own a major stellar trucking company, put in what now is widely recognized as being the hardest night’s work in history, and, sure enough, on the following day, Magramal was no longer visible. Effrafax lost his bet — and therefore his life — simply because some pedantic adjudicating official noticed (a) that when walking around the area that Magramal ought to be he didn’t trip over or break his nose on anything, and (b) a suspicious-looking extra moon.

What Effrafax really needed was Bhuwan Khattar. The man who gets jobs done. Period.
Tanay Padhi, Subham Goel and Rishabh Marya
Each of these people definitely deserves a separate acknowledgement. But we won’t, simply because they have always been the three musketeers in our head. They form the backbone of this club and we look forward to Exun achieving even greater heights of success under their guidance next year. <After giving us a temporary scare, Shubham has returned to his rightful title of ‘The Gentle Giant (v3.0)’>

Achal Verma
Achal has done a phenomenal job in reviving Digex and the digital imaging spirit within Exun which had been lying dormant since quite sometime. A soft spoken chap who is always ready to work.

Shardendu Gautam
John Travolta:Samuel Jackson::Mayank Sharma:Shardendu Gautam

Abhisheik Kumar and Tanya Makker
Even though both of them are not a part of the Clan, it felt as though they were. Thank you for coming for Exun 2010! The entire Clan would like to thank both of you.

Sakshi Gupta, Karanveer Mohan & Anand Khare
Well, what can we say about them. The programming and Swat the bug events were what they were because of them. Right from the beginning of the year Karanveer also took on to train the juniors, and ensured that well deserving ones were inducted into Exun. Sakshi is one of our senior most members, and her experience and help has always been appreciated. Anand was constantly there leading up to the days to the event; sometimes even leaving at 8 in the evening.

Vaibhav Bhatla
Vaibhav really helped out prior to the event with the setting up of the Quiz & the Crossword events. He’s one of those members who silently work in the back ground. He was always ready to take up responsibilities many of which were thrust upon him last minute.

Sobhagya Jose, Dhananjay Goel & Aditya Somani
They carried out the tasks assigned to them with perfection, and were always willing to help out with any tasks required of them. Aditya and Varun also carried out their gaming duties very well ensuring that all went smoothly.

Varun Dubey
One man army.

Srijit Ghosh
Srijit did an amazing job with the Under_Score this year. Right from the beginning of the year, he could be seen pestering people on their facebook walls for articles. He was always ready to sweat it out for the club, and even learnt Corel Draw in a matter of days to compile the magazine.The result? Pure Awesomeness! We really missed him during the event.

Pranav Prem Kapoor
Pranav is one of the most dedicated people we have over here at Exun. He was at the registration desk, right from the start of day one till the end of day two. He is a perfectionist, and even the lure of watching the quiz finals couldn’t move him from his designated place.

Aman Agarwal, Aditya Agarwalla, Sanchit Abrol & Tushar Bhasin
All four of them were indispensable during the two days. They are people you can count upon to get the job done, and that too quickly. Despite their first Exun, Aditya and Sanchit were of great help. Aman & Tushar handled the programming, and AVH duties flawlessly.

Palash Jain & Utkarsh Agrawal
Recently inducted into Exun, both of them are extremely sincere people. They were assigned lab supervision duties and they carried them out without a fault.

Akshay Sawhney & Manvi Arora
They were helpful during the event, and never said no for any tasks assigned to them. Kudos!

Pratham Agrawal
Pratham Agrawal; the man behind the Exun video.The video gets better each time you see it. We can’t say enough about what Exun has gained from him. Be it the video, the cover for the magazine or just plain old banners, Pratham’s the go to man.

Joseph sir, Diny sir, Anup sir, Thomas sir
These people help make us Exun what it is. They are an integral part of our club, and we cannot thank them enough for all the stay backs till late in the evening, and the other help. All of you guys are awesome !

Shankar Sir
Shankar Sir is the Shepard to the bewildered sheep called Exun members. Sir has always been absolutely indispensable.

We would also like to thank all our teachers for their support and guidance-Mohit Dey sir, Hema Ma’am, Anita Ma’am, Romi Ma’am, Sarika Ma’am, Manisha Ma’am, Sangeeta Ma’am, Nandini Ma’am, Ajithkumar sir,  Shekhar Sir.

And Finally

Mukesh Sir
You know when sir reads it, he probably won’t like it because he never likes to take credit for what he does, and just passes it all down onto us. There’s nothing really that can describe him which will fit in here, so we’ll end with a quote this man lives by
“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

The Presidents
Aditya, Kush & Diwank

Exun 2010-Overall Winners

Exun 2010 was held on 13-14 November 2010 and we emerged as the Overall Winners*. The individual results are as follows: –

1. Senior Quiz – Winners

  • Aditya Jain
  • Rohan Nagpal
  • Vidur Butalia

2. Creative Event – Winners

  • Bhuwan Khattar
  • Pratham Agrawal
  • Shubham Goel
  • Rishabh Marya

3. Swat the Bug – Winners

  • Anand Khare
  • Sakshi Gupta

4. Senior Quiz – Runners Up

  • Tanay Padhi
  • Dhananjay Goel
  • Kush Agrawal

5. Junior Quiz – Runners Up

  • Vidur Butalia
  • Adideva Sekhri
  • Manas Jha

6. Crossword – 2nd Runners Up

  • Aditya Jain
  • Rohan Nagpal

7. Junior Quiz – 2nd Runners Up

  • Rohan Nagpal
  • Pratul Tandon
  • Bharat Kashyap

8. Gaming – 2nd Runners Up

  • Mayank Sharma
  • Shardendu Gautam


*DPS R.K. Puram being the host team, handed over the trophy to the runners up, DPS Vasant Kunj.

The Challenge!

“The challenge is not to see a bigger dream, but the the real challenge is to share the dream and make it happen with everyone and for everyone”

Exun is a ever-growing family of those,
who have dreams to make a better tomorrow,
who believe in themselves,
who believe in the power of The Team
who explore the possibilities of building a better world for the mankind.

Exun 2010 Team expresses its Gratitude to the participants, who every year participate and allow us to make it happen. It is impossible to hold such events without the participation of the Exun Family members outside the DPS RKPuram.

Thoughts on College Admissions.

It’s the time of the year that most people are busy getting their college apps in place, getting transcripts ready, recommendations written, resumes polished. It’s time consuming and probably the most important piece of paperwork you will file as a young adult (taxes come later). So for those of you venturing into the unknown, I wanted to give you some advice, maybe an anecdote or two from someone who has done this before.

First of, I have a only ever applied to schools in the US, Canada and UK. I have zero experience with the college application process for India. Hopefully a few of my friends will chime in and fill that void.

What follows is a quick guide to what I think are some important aspects of this application process.


We all assume , that your college pick is the most important choice. The place, name the brand. But I disagree, i think the most important choice you will make in this process is what major you pick.

I really believe that if you are doing what you are interested in, you will excel at it you will care about it, you will try and make a difference. So pick a major you care about.  This is lnexun so for a lot of you it will pick computer science or engineering.. Just be sure that what you really want to do. Are you willing to be up for four days straight working on a project in this major? Do you care about what you a learning?


Even if you can’t pick a major (some of you might not be sure), don’t sweat it. You probably have a field or area you are interested in. You should base your college picks based on your major/field. Not the other way around.

I did what I think makes the most sense, I made a list of about 12 schools i would apply to. You have limited time and want to put maximum effort in all you applications… So be judicial about your choices. It’s pretty easy to pick 12 colleges you would really like to be at – harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford just roll of the tongue. But that not the point of the exercise… This isn’t a quiz to name all the ivy leagues, it’s an exercise in find a set of colleges that will suit you, your interests and, unfortunate but true, increase the odds of you getting into at least a few of them. That means you have to do research, visit the websites, figure out if they offer the classes you might like to take, talk to people who go there.. Find out what its like.

I picked 3-4 schools that i thought would be really awesome to be at.. My dream schools. These are the easiest ones to pick I think. If you are set on being a computer scientist, Stanford, CMU, MIT to name a few are obvious choices. Aim for the highest pedigree of college here.. The best of the best… Don’t get sidelined that your SAT scores are lower than your friends or that you didn’t get a 99.9999% in the boards.. Just go for it.

The next 4 schools are the safe bets. Now safe school doesn’t mean shitty college, it means you are pretty sure you should get in here, and would be perfectly fine going here. Still base these picks on majors not college names. This is your fallback, option C. Always have a backup plan.

The last 4 I think are the hardest to pick, the colleges you would really like to go to but may not be held in the same league as the dream schools. 90% of the time the education at these places is just as good if not better than those 4 dream schools, they just aren’t that well known. One just example of this is for computer engineering is urbana champaign i think. It a really really good school for computer engineering and is often overlooked by people. Picking these schools is where you have to do the most research… Pick wisely.

College Rankings

All college rankings are just wave guides.. Take them as pointers, not a matter of fact. There is are a lot of silly facts that go in determining rankings that aren’t made public.

Application itself.

There are a lot of people that will be applying to the colleges you want to go to. A lot of these people will have better scores or grades than you. You need to stand out, find what you are good at, showcase that. Be honest about it. College screeners aren’t stupid, don’t try and pull fast ones. Make sure you are the one writing the essays, make sure you personally pour over every detail, every comma on that application… This is the first impression they have of you, make sure they see you, not your advisor or the person you asked to write your essay.

One thing is for certain, colleges are looking for human beings, not numbers or data. Not endless lists of extra-curricular activities that mean nothing. They want to know you – as a person, Your passions. What drives you and motivates you? And then they decide if you ideas and ambition aligns with what they want in their student body.

If you ask me what are the exact traits colleges look for in a person, I would have no answer. Personally I didn’t think my scores and grades were anywhere close to good enough to get into half the schools I did, so really I don’t know. Its highly probable that there is no single list of things you can do to guarantee admission into a certain college.

All you can really do is put all your effort into the process.

Time management

This is important. You need to give your self enough time to work on these applications. Don’t wait for an answer from one school before you start working on other apps. Start early, make sure all your paperwork (resume, SOPs, recommendations) will all be ready on time. Start talking to you professors and advisors early. If you are definitely going to be applying to schools outside india, then you have no excuse to be late on this.

In conclusion…

this process is long and sometimes mind numbing, but if you are writing about the things you enjoy and applying to places that excite you, it can be fun.

Leave your questions in the comments, and I’ll try and answer them. Hopefully others will help out. Best of luck for Exun2010 and college applications. And excuse any typos, first draft was written on a glass keyboard.

Its that time of the year again – EXUN 2010.

Yes, we’re back again! A glorious new year. An amazing new event. The name is the same, but the game has changed. After the epochal success of Exun 2009, how could we complacently sit back and relax? We are back with a new stage, and of course, with greater challenges for our participants. All our hard work and effort will gain eminence in just a few days, and honestly, we are as excited as you are, to participate in EXUN 2010.

As our new administration stepped in this year, we boldly took up the task of delivering an event of incredibly grand proportions. It wasn’t an onerous one, because we love what we do. But challenging? Yes, it was. Year after year, Exun is considered as the “Best Computer Symposium” across schools in Delhi and NCR. We don’t mean to gloat, but this is one laud that we’re particularly proud of. All schools across the region look forward to registering for Exun, where every computer enthusiast puts his skills to a true test. What defines Exun is the people behind it – a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals working day and night to deliver a fantastic symposium. To check that every cog in our “quality machine” is working fine. When I first joined the Clan, this is what appalled me. Frankly speaking, this is what attracted me to the Clan in the first place, apart for my passion for computers. Sincerity is a common denominator among the diverse Exun members. I call the Clan “diverse”, because each of us thinks differently, and for some inexplicable reason, every Exun member can infallibly deliver a refreshing idea or perspective to any issue at hand. No, this is not an exaggeration, but merely an observation from the point of view of a relatively-new member.

So, this year, we hope that you enjoy Exun 2010. And if  not as winners, then surely as avid participants.