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Apple acts like a jerk and loses respect, gets self-owned

Apple may have plenty of announcements of its own to make at this year’s WWDC, but it looks like it just couldn’t help itself from taking a few jabs at Microsoft as well. Doing the honors was Bertrand Serlet, who took the stage by saying “what a sharp contrast with Vista our OS is,” and only got rolling from there, pointing out “what a big hole Microsoft has dug,” and adding that “they’re trying to get out of it with Windows 7.” Of course, Serlet didn’t have many good things to say about Windows 7 either, which he says has “even more complexity” than Vista because it’s just based on the “same old tech as Vista.”

These are some of the disgusting,shocking tactics Apple stooped to this WWDC, bashing a product that has been hailed by the entire tech community. I remember Jobs in the 1997 Boston Macworld. I remember him saying “We have to let go off the notion that for Apple to win Microsoft has to lose. We must understand that for Apple to win, We have to perform better.”

I clearly dont see the same company before my eyes today. Throwing away my iPod and Time Capsule. Not using it until Apple comes up with a public apology.

Web Response
Seems like Apple are scared about Windows 7
“Apple is scared, and they should be, because Windows 7 is better that anything they could hope to make. Can’t beat it? Bash it. …Pathetic.”
At least Windows 7 is not called Windows Snow Vista.
“What’s more telling is that in their own keynote, Apple still feels it necessary to try to belittle the competition, not by outdoing them, but by making snide remarks about how bad that competition is. I’d much rather hear them talk about how they’re improving their products to overcome the competition, rather than them talk about how much of misguided tech-snobs they are.”
That’s pretty tasteless, I’ve got to say.
“Windows 7 is just the same old Windows Vista! Now let’s take a look at our OS which is just the same old Leopard”
They know that Windows 7 will sell more copies in the first week than they’ve ever sold of OSX.

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