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This is to notify to all Exun Members that there will be a meeting of Exun on Wednesday 30th April 2008.
It will be held in the break in Lab IV.
This will be a VERY important meeting and all Exun Members MUST attend it as details regarding EXUN eLITE and other topics will be discussed.

Aviral Goyal and Kartikeya Asthana


The gaming event for Classes XI and XII ended on 23rd April with some brilliant teams battling it out. The scores were tight, but, the clan “Cojones” emerged as winners at the end of the day.

Team line up was as follows:

Simanta Vijoy Mahanta              XII-F
Arpit Mathur                                   XII-K
Deepak Chandra                            XII-E
Utkarsh Mishra                              XII-D

Congratulations to them!

As a whole, the event went very smoothly and we received good feed back from everyone. There has been a very strond demand to hold another round of Domain Square. Till then, we would like to thank everyone who helped in making Domain Square possible and for the constant support they provided us with.

To conclude, Domain Square really took off to new heights this year thanks to Digvijay Singh. His dedication, coordination and commitment should serve as a source of inspiration for all Exun members.



After the tremendous response we received from Classes IX and X for Domain Square (D2), it is time for the students of Class XI and XII to prove their mettle in D2-II.
The game: Counter Strike 1.6 is going to be played ;in teams of 4 on a 4 vs 4 format.
The competiton will be held after school hours.
Exun members are allowed to participate in the event.
Rules will be declared on the spot.
D2-II is going to be held in Computer Lab III,F-block Basement on 23rd and 24th April.
Interested teams should email their Team name along with names of the players to as soon as possible.
Limited registrations only.

Kartikeya Asthana

An Exercise for all C++ students

All class XII or below students having basic knowledge of C/C++ can try out their luck at this one!

You have to write one (exactly one) line code/statement for finding the factorial of a number.
Remember you have to use only one line code. All declaration should be done in that particular statement. You have to take the number from the user and print the result back on the screen.

Code should be like

void main()
//”one line executable code”

Factorial of a number is the product of all natural numbers till that number.
E.g. 4!=1*2*3*4

I don’t know the syntax of VB, maybe it can be done in that too.

try it……

Domain Sqaure I Ends!

The two day long event involving 120+ participants and 32 teams from the classes IX & X of D.P.S. R.K. Puram organized on e 8th and 9th of April, has ended successfully. The event organized by Exun was divided into 2 days with Prelims taking place on Day 1 and the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals on Day 2.

The clan: “Galli Ke Bacche” emerged as winners at the end of the day after some intense and gruelling matches.Team line-up:

  • Shardendu Gautam X-G
  • Karan Goel X-G
  • Ayush Sahay X-G
  • Anmol Vashisht X-F

Members who organized/helped in organizing this event:

  • AviralGoyal XII-H
  • KartikeyaAsthana XII-G
  • Digvijay Singh XII-H
  • Aditya Jain X-D
  • Vishesh X-H
  • ShubhamGoel IX-D
  • Rahul Bhatnagar XII-K
  • Rishabh Marya IX-D
  • TanayPadhi IX-D
  • Pranav Obhrai IX-D

A lot of effort went into this event, involving many members: though some members who worked tirelessly (apart from Aviral, Kartikeya and me) are Aditya Jain and Vishesh who deserve an applaud. Shubham also deserves credit for his contribution in organizing the event.
Now let us maintain this momentum and go on to Domain Square II!

Digvijay Singh
(on behlaf of Aviral Goyal and Kartikeya Asthana)