Monthly Archives: March 2008

iPhone SDK launched

Apple finally launched the SDK (Software Development Kit) for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This might give the iPhone a firmer stand in the smart phone market.

Users can now buy and download apps for their device from the “App Store”, a new venture. It will appear as an icon on the device. (Apple said that iPhone jailbreaking downloads would not be featured in the app store).
The software update is yet to be launched though users can try out the beta version. The official update called the iPhone 2.0 is expected to be launched in June.
For now, Mac users can download the iPhone emulator for their Macs and use it to develop apps. PC users will have to wait though a PC version may be launched soon.
To get your app published, you’ll have to pay Apple $99.
For those of you who have an iPod Touch, you’re not getting the update for free. You’ll have to pay for it when it comes out, OR just wait for the unlocked version of the update.
Watch Steve Jobs keynote speech here.