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DynamiX 2007 – Results

Ramjas School R.K. Puram organised its annual computer symposium “DynamiX 2007” on 26-27 November 2007 and the results are as follows:-

Second –

  • Abhijit Das
  • G.Sid

Second –

  • Abhijit Das
  • Sajal Jain

Creative Events:
Third –

  • Shubham Goel
  • Rishabh Marya
  • Tanay Padhi
  • Varun Dubey

The 1st Runners Up got Individual Trophies, certificates and SKOAR Magazines. The 2nd Runners Up got certificates and DIGIT Magazines.

Team for DynamiX 2007

1. Programming

  • Utkarsh Ohm
  • Sajal Jain

2. Crossword

  • Aditya Jain
  • Sameer Mittal

3. Quiz

  • Ananth Govind Rajan
  • Aditya Jain

4. Surprise event

  • Vishesh Kumar
  • Aditya Grover

5. Creative Event

  • Shubham Goel
  • Rishabh Marya
  • Tanay Padhi
  • Varun Dubey

6. Gaming

  • Digvijay Singh
  • Mukunda
  • Mridul

7. Group Discussion

  • Samarth Mathur
  • Manvi Arora

8. CodeX

  • Aditya Grover
  • G. Sid

Dynamix 2007

DynamiX clan of Ramjas School, RK Puram is organizing Dynamix 2007 on 26th and 27th November. The events are as follows:-

1. Programming

  • 1 Team of 2 Participants
  • Participants will be asked to solve high-end logical/mathematical problems in C++
  • Turbo C++ will be provided

2. Quiz

  • 1 Team of 2 Participants
  • Quiz will be based on Trivia, Observation based or Knowledge testing questions from the field of IT, Computers and Science Fiction

3. Crossword

  • 1 Team of 2 Participants
  • The crossword is a very cryptic maze of clues consisting of anagrams, clues within clues and double entrances that test not only your knowledge in the field of IT and Computers but also your wit, presence of mind and and creativity

4. Creative events

  • 1 Team of 4 Participants including Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Artists
  • Pictures and Materials will be provided along with Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Flash MX

5. Gaming

  • 3 Participants
  • Expect any genre of game and be prepared to play the game by their rules

6. Suprise Event

  • 1 Team of 2 Participants

7. Group Discussion

  • 1 Participant
  • Participants should be prepared for any philosophical, controversial and thought provoking topics, which revolve around general computer technology
  • Topics will mostly be technical in nature

8. CodeX

  • 1 Team of 2 Participants
  • An event of Cryptic nature like Crossword, Science, Sci-Fi, Computers, Mathematics, History collide in this event to form a mind boggling potpourri of visual clues leading to the prize.

Exun 2007

Exun 2007

For the people who made Exun a success:

Mukesh Sir

We have really no words to express what Mukesh Sir means to us and the entire Exun team. He is the driving force behind everything we do and epitomizes all qualities Exun is known to possess- expertise, professionalism, teamwork and limitless enthusiasm! Thank you for everything, Sir! We all know that without you, there would have been no Exun, let alone Exun 2007!

Shikhar Kohli

Sir has rightly named him the ‘Man of Exun 2007’. He not only coordinated his designated duty i.e the trophies, with perfection, but also managed innumerable other tasks. He could always be seen with a Walkie-Talkie, running around and making sure everything was being carried out brilliantly.

Srajan Mani

Of all members, he probably worked the hardest. Even days before the event, he was always the first one to reach and the last one to leave. From his side, there were never any excuses or complaints, and no work was too low for him. He also assembled the configuration for the Pavna PC as a platform to work on the video.

Ankit Srivastava

He spent days and worked late at nights with Aviral on the video. The entire idea was conceptualized by him and he successfully gave the video the personal touch it needed. He also did a great job managing all the speeches and the AVH.

Aviral Goel

Our multimedia expert. Apart from spending days on the video, which was highly appreciated, he also coordinated the photography, and also anything else that required his impeccable skills in digital imaging and video editing.

Kartikeya Asthana

His presence at the registration desk ensured that the registration process was a breeze and also made sure the gaming event went perfectly.

Sahil Bajaj

A person indispensable for Exun. All thanks to him, the web updates were done at a rapid speed. He also conducted the Opening Ceremony flawlessly.

Ananth Govind Rajan

He coordinated the invitations follow up, public relations and registration extremely efficiently.

The trio- Shubham Goel, Rishabh Marya and Tanay Padhi

From being escorts last year, they did a phenomenal job at the Reg Desk this year. They also helped in endless other work and were always ready to run around! They will definitely take Exun to greater heights in the years to come.

Aditya Jain

Our Junior Coordinator, he ensured everybody was doing their duties properly. He also helped in Digital Imaging tasks such as the Banner and the Under_Score cover.

Sameer Mittal

One of our newest members, who came in through eLite, he was our ‘Mobile Help Desk’, constantly running around, but also making sure his assigned duty, the Help Desk was always handled properly. The new “Gentle Giant”.

Pranav Obhrai

Another upcoming star. Worked hard, ran around a lot and was the main person behind the Under_Score cover.

Gaurav Misra

Our software expert, he was the man behind the Online Registration & Photography – extremely core components in efficient management of Exun 2007.

Bharat Agarwal

One of the senior most members, he did the entire work of coordinating with the judges. We even received a mail from one of the Judges complimenting on how professionally the Judge Correspondence had been dealt with! Bharat was always there when he was needed.

Sakshi Gupta

Being in Exun for quite some time now, Sakshi handled several demanding tasks this time. She fulfilled her Programming event duty, made sure the judges were cared for and also never refused when she was asked to fill in as an escort!

Adideva Sekhri, Shobhagya Jose, Aditya Grover and Vishesh Kumar

They showed immense dedication in the gruesome escorts duty. Always ready to sprint when required, they never declined any work that was asked of them.

Arshiya Sibia and Mini Saxena, Akriti Gaur and Mini Saxena

They helped extensively in setting up packets for registration. They also made sure that the AVH, our prime event spot, was always covered properly.

Kanika and Akriti also delivered the speeches wonderfully. Despite being new to the stage, they were confident and always willing to work hard in order to improve. They will surely handle all speeches at future Exuns successfully as well.

Utkarsh Ohm,Digvijay Singh

Key backend people. They played an essential role in all managerial and coordination tasks. Utkarsh did a fantastic job to make sure all certificates were printed on time.

Rijul Jain, Vansh Muttreja, Akul Dayal, Anant Jain, Aayush Kumar, Kunal Singh

The senior Exun members, they helped wherever they were needed. Their experience of organizing numerous events in the past, no doubt, helped make Exun a success.

Shubham Prakhar, G. Sidharth

Our eLite Quiz Winners, they also did a lot of running. They ensured that the Quiz and Crossword Prelims in the Classrooms and the Programming event in the labs were carried out smoothly.

Rahul Bhatnagar, Tushaar Talwar and Varun Dubey

Also in their first Exun, they helped in managing various tasks efficiently.

Manvi Arora

Our youngest member and with six more years to go, she is Exun’s future. She watched all events with keen interest and will surely be a Participant as well as Winner in the years to come.

Hema Ma’am

We missed her last year and the professionalism of this year’s Opening and Closing Ceremony proves how vital she is for Exun.

Vijay Sir and Tiwari Sir– They were important people in the success of our event. They stayed back in school to ensure we could get everything done.

Joseph Sir, Diny Sir, Anup Sir and Thomas Sir They were our crucial back end support. We are extremely grateful for their assistance with everything.
Shankar Sir– Probably the most essential person for Exun. He was always willing to help in any way he could and whenever something was needed, all we had to do was ask him just once!

We express our gratitude towards all other teachers- Anita Ma’am, Romi Ma’am, Sarika Ma’am, Manisha Ma’am, Sangeeta Ma’am, Nandini Ma’am, Ajithkumar sir, Manpreet Ma’am, Shekhar Sir for all their effort, encouragement and support.

We would also like to thank all other support staff of the school.

We hope nobody has been left out. Once Again, Thank you for making Exun 2007 such a big success.

-The Presidents

Radhika Malik

Manas Gautam

Raghav Khullar

Code Wars 2007 – Overall Winners

The Winners of Code Wars 2007
at DPS Vasant Kunj 16-17 November 2007

Babel Fish:
First – Sahil Bajaj & Aditya Jain

First – The Entire Team


Second – Digvijay Singh

Web Designing:
Second – Gaurav Misra & Sahil Bajaj

Digital Imaging:
Second – Pranav Obhrai & Shubham Goel

Third – Aayush Kumar & Utkarsh Ohm

The individual winners got 2 GB Kingston USB Drives, the individual runners up got Intex Webcams and the second runners up got Intex Headphones.

We also won a Lenovo Y-Series Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo T5300-1.7 Gz, 2 MB Cache, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 15.4″ WXGA screen, DVD-RW, Camera, Face Recognition, Bluetooth, TV-Tuner, Windows Vista Home Basic) for being the Overall Winners.


The Tata Consultancy Services IT Wiz Regional Delhi Round was held in Sirifort Auditorium on 15th November 2007. More than 500 teams from over 90 schools of Delhi and NCR participated. The quizmaster was Giri (Pickbrain) Balasubhramanium of Grey Caps.

Vansh Muttreja and Raghav Khullar won the first position and the overall trophy. In addition, they received laptops from HP,Dinner for two at the Taj Palace, FastTrack watches , Books, USB mouse pads, T-shirts and Compaq speakers and Bags.

(They messed up with the names in HT Next)

[L to R] – Mr. Kiran Karnik,Raghav Khullar,

Giri (Pickbrain) Balasubhramanium,Vansh Muttreja,TCS VP

TCS IT Wiz participation

The following teams have been chosen to go for the TCS IT Wiz Competition to be held in Sri Fort Auditorium on 15th November, 2007:

Anand Khare (IX)
Aditya Somani (IX)

Aditya Grover (IX)
Vishesh Kumar (IX)

V.Chandrasekar (XII)
Shashank Chaudhary (XII)

Aditya Jain (IX)
Sameer Mittal (XI)

G. Sidarth (XI)
Shubham Prakhar (XI)

K.Pramod (XII)
R.Karthik (XII)

Raghav Khullar (XII)
Vansh Muttreja (XII)

Akriti Gaur (X)
Arshiya Sibia (X)

Kanika Singh (X)
Mini Saxena (X)

Ananth Govind Rajan (XI)
Kartikeya Asthana (XI)

Sakshi Gupta (IX)
Sobhagya Jose (IX)

Shubham Goel (VIII)
Rishabh Marya (VIII)

Tanay Padhi (VIII)
Pranav Obhrai (VIII)

Arpit Mathur (XI)
Rahul Bhatnagar (XI)

Aviral Goyal (XI)
Sajal Jain (XI)

Srajan Mani (XII)
Akshay (XII)

Shikhar Kohli (XII)
Anant Jain (XII)

Varun Dubey (IX)
Tushaar Talwar (XI)

Digvijay Singh (XI)
Arjun Kumar (XI)

Aayush Kumar (XII)
Gaurav Mishra (XII)

Anuj Bhatnagar (XI)
Varun Nayar (IX)

Utkarsh Ohm (XI)
Rohit (XI)

Aprajita (XI)
Jitesh (XI)

Dhananjay Goel (XI)
Dwarkesh (XI)

Aditya Gupta (IX)
Aditya Mitra (IX)

Pranshu Jain (IX)

Siddanth (IX-E)

Abhinandan (X)
Ankush (X)

Udit (IX)
Tushar (IX-B)

Aman Kumar (IX)
Ayush Sahai (IX)

Mayank Gupta (XI)
Shashwat Garg (XI)

Teams are supposed to reach the Web Resource Centre as soon as they reach school on the 15th. The quiz will start from 9 a.m. and ends by 3 p.m. and all the participants are requested to make their own transport arrangements.

Easter Eggs – Some New Ones

OK, I am putting up a list of easter eggs. So enjoy.

1. Yahoo! Yodle – Open up and when it opens up click the exclamation mark in the Yahoo! logo. Make sure your speakers are switched on.

2. Adobe Photoshop – Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift and then open up About Photoshop from the Help menu. Generally it opens up a different version of the about dialogue. (Works in all versions, and also works in ImageReady). For CS2 – Adobe Space Monkey. For CS – Dark Matter.

3. Book Of Mozilla – Most of you must have heard abput this one. Open up about:mozilla in the Mozilla web browser.

4. Google –

a) Google Microsoft – Go to

b) Google Moon – Go to and keep zooming in. You will find that it’s cheese all the way down.

c) Google TiSp – Now this is funny. Go to Read the page and press “Get Started with Google TiSP”.

d) Google Romance – Go to . This one is kinda funny.

e) Google Mentalplex – Go to: .Supposed to read the users mind!

f) Google’s Life’s Answer – (That’s what the people from DPS, VK yelled on the stage) .
Search for “answer to life, the universe, and everything” in Google Search (without quotes) and Google Calculator will tell you the answer.

Congratulations Exunites!

Exun 2007 was really a great and memorable event! Every bit of it had vibrations of a professional group – EXUN. It was result of Day-Night work of each Exun Member.

On behalf of Exun, I congratulate each Exun Member and wish them a Great Future ahead.

Radhika did a commendable job in organising things in the Background. Manas & Raghav did extremely great job during Exun 2007. All three presidents had a great coordination among themselves which was all the time inspired by all the members – truly following the Exun motto – “We Not I”. On behalf of the School and Exun, I congratulate Exun Presidents and wish them the very best in their careers.

Shikhar Kohli – A new name suddenly surprised all of us by his very his extra ordinarily professional and efficient work. I think he deserve to be called as “Man of the Exun 2007

Aviral – gave his day and night to make the “Exun video” – which was really appreciated by one and all during Exun 2007.

Ankit Srivasatava – the man behind the idea & script of “Exun Video” deserves a great credit. Did a great job during concluding session too.

Sahil Bajaj – [by default] most efficient man behind the Web Updates. This year did a great job as Man behind the Mic too.

Srajan deserves a great appreciation for making sure Aviral & Ankit get the right platform from Pavna to work on the Exun Video and ensuring trouble free environment in Computer Labs.

Ananth & his team did an excellent job by making one-to-one call and making sure of participation in Exun 2007 in spite of the Festival Time.

Worth mentioning names of two new comperes of Exun “Kanika & Akriti“, it was flawless execution.

Shubham, Rishabh and Tanay – the trio are excellent task executers and performers. I foresee a great future ahead of them.

Gaurav Mishra – this great man performed extremely impressive task of Online Registration in both Exun and Roboknights. [Geek in making]

Bharat – deserves his credit for coordinating with Judges.

Sameer, Pranav & Aditya – did excellent jobs

I thank all my department members – Hema Jain, Sangeeta Rana, Nandini Dasgupta, Anita Rathi, Manisha Vadehra, Sarika Kaushal, Ajithkumar K.G., Manpreet Kaur, Shekhar Sharma, Anup Jacob, Diny Mathew, C.A. Thomas, Gunanand Tiwari, Vijay Lal and Shankar Giri for their support in making this event – simply terrific.

I also thank all the support staff of the school for their great contribution (Special mention – Bhim, Makan, Ram Singh and Ramjas).

I thank the Principal for her constant inspiration, guidance and moreover for providing us a free platform to turn our dreams into reality.

Lastly, I thank my dear ex-student Mr. Swapnil Jain, Pavna Computer and his team, for adding all flavours in the event and his presence during Exun 2007 Concluding function.

We work as a TEAM – we Excel