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It’s finally here!

The much awaited OS from Apple- Mac OS X Leopard is finally going to be launched on 26th October after several delays at an affordable price of 129 dollars!
Some of the new and exciting features are Bootcamp and Time Machine.
To check out all the 300 features click here.
To watch the guided tour, click here.


ALL Exun members must attend a meeting on Wednesday, 17th October in the Break. The meeting is highly important and duty list shall be discussed for Exun 2007 that is upcoming on the 10th and 11th of November.


A meeting is scheduled for ALL Exun members on Friday, 12 October 2007 after the exam. The meeting is related to Exun 2007 and essential areas of work that need to be taken up immediately. All members must stay back and attend.

Thanking you

Modem 2007

Date: 30-October-2007
Time: 09:00 to 13:30 hours

1. mCode C++ Programming [2 Participants]
2. mQuiz [2 Participants ]
3. mToon Flash+Photoshop [2 Participants]
4. m3D 3DS Max 5.0 [2 Participants]
5. mPlay Gaming [1 Participant]
6. mLogo Photoshop [1 Participant]
7. mPresent Powerpoint/Flash – Topic: “Artificial Intelligence:Rise of Robots [3 Participants]
8. mTalk Group Discussion [1 Participant]
9. mPod Tractor DJ Studio 3.0 [2 Participants]

eSpice Results

The final result of the symposium at DPS NOIDA that was held on 18th September are as follows:-

Quiz and Crossword- 1st Position

  • Manas Gautam
  • Kunal Singh

Programming- 2nd Position

  • Anant Jain

Gaming- 3rd Position

  • Digvijay Singh