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A meeting is scheduled for ALL Exun members on Friday:

DATE: 31/08/2007
TIME: During Break
VENUE: Lab 4

The meeting is related to Exun 07 and Exun Elite. It is essential for every member to attend this meeting. Please don’t absent yourselves on that day.

Thanking you

iPhone- The Marketing Behind It

With the iPhone, Apple has introduced a new device which already has a cult following. A lot has been said about its features, the ones available as well as those missing. In my opinion, apart from the product itself, the beauty of the iPhone lies in its extremely innovative marketing and its capability to completely change the telecom industry.

The iPod is well known for redefining the marketing of music. With the iPhone, Apple is set to redefine the telecom industry as well. Instead of launching three to four new devices every couple of months, telecom manufacturers will be now looking to release one product with significant technological advances in a considerable span of time.

In the marketing, the first thing that Apple did was take control of iPhone activation. Conventionally, it is the telecom operator and not the manufacturer that activates a connection. With the iPhone, however, one will have to log in through iTunes and then activate the iPhone. This is an ingenious method for further spreading the word about iTunes!

Version 1 of the iPhone has been severely criticized for missing several basic features. The immediate question that arises is: Why would Apple make an inferior product? The answer to this lies in the fact that Apple is already working on the iPhone’s next version. Experts feel that its next version will have all these faults rectified and probably be the smartest phone ever. Had Apple launched a complete Version 1, it would reach a saturation point in sales, leaving no room for further growth. Instead now, when the next version is launched, it would be like launching a new product altogether!

These are just two points in the iPhone’s ground-breaking marketing and sales, which is in fact a step further in Apple’s strategy that besides the product, its marketing should also be revolutionary!

Matrix-Ecomm Result

The result of the Bro. Aloysius Matrix-Ecomm Symposium 2007 held at Mount St. Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt. on 24th and 25th August, 2007 is as follows:

Logo Quiz- 1st position

  • Manas Gautam
  • Sameer

Gaming- 1st position

  • Digivijay Singh

Business Boosters Corp.- 1st position

  • Kartikeya Dar

Congratulations everyone!

Matrix-Ecomm 2007

The Mount St. Mary’s School is organising an inter-school computers and economics symposium.The symposium is going to be held on the 24th and 25th August, 2007 and will feature concurrent and general sessions that will focus on development of the field of Computer Science and Economics including:

  • Symposium
  • Quiz
  • Gaming
  • ProgramIt!
  • WebPresent
  • Digimaging
  • Matrix Challenge

Details of all the events can be found here.
There will be a meeting in the break on Wednesday i.e. 22nd August’07 to finalize the teams for this event.

Note: – One participant may participate in more than one event, but no event will be delayed for the convenience of a participant.



We all have a list of links (blogroll) on our blogs, mostly pointing to other blogs. My friend Karan Misra decided to make his blogroll a bit more interesting on his (excellent) blog by arranging the links in the order by which they were last updated. I dug the idea and decided to implement it on my blog as well. Halfway through I realised a lot of people may like to do the same with their blogrolls so I created LinkedList.


LinkedList is a small JavaScript plugin for displaying a list of links to websites in the order by which they were last updated. Typically, you would use it on your blog to provide links to other blogs/websites, your blogroll in other words.

For more information >>> Click Here

Contributed by Prateek Rungta
Exun Head of Programming 2004-2005
A great photographer too…

MINET 2007 Results

Exun Members were declared as MINET 2007 Overall Winners at the Mothers International School on 11-12 August, 2007.

Quiz- Winner

  • Bharat Agarwal
  • Manas Gautam

Surprise Event- Winner

  • Bharat Agarwal
  • Manas Gautam

Gaming- Winner

  • Digvijay Singh

Showcase your Dream- First Runner Up

  • Digvijay Singh
  • Radhika Malik

Quiz- Second Runner Up

  • Ananth Govind Rajan
  • Sahil Bajaj

Senior Programming- Second Runner Up

  • Aayush Kumar
  • Sajal Jain

Got the trophy back (Second Consecutive Year) to where it rightly belongs 🙂

Devang Mehta Memorial InterSchool IT Competition 2007

Exun Members were declared as Devang Mehta Memorial InterSchool IT Competition 2007 NASSCOM Winner at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan on 10th August, 2007.

Individual Winners are as follows:
Sr.Quiz – WINNER
Manas Gautam
Raghav Khullar

Digital Collage – WINNER
Aviral Goel
Aditya Jain

Note: Sr. Quiz winners got free Air Tickets to Mumbai, Cash Prize and Gift Hampers

MINET 2007

Date: 11th and 12th August 2007
Anant Jain
Abhijit Das

Team 1
Manas Gautam
Bharat Agarwal

Team 2
Ananth Govind Rajan
Sahil Bajaj

Digital Photography
Aviral Goyal
Aditya Jain


Web Designing
Vansh Muttreja
Sahil Bajaj

Digvijay Singh

Showcase Your Dream

Surprise Event
Akul Dayal
Ishaan Chugh