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Weird Gadgets

We all sometimes come across or hear about some very weird gadgets. Here are some of them.

  1. AXbo Alarm Clock

  2. aXbo’s Sleep Phase Alarm Clock is an alarm clock at its functional best , what its meant to do and that is it, waking you up in time. It monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you at the best moment possible. Read more about it at:

  3. Multifunctional Credit Card

  4. Welcome to the future where gone are the days when you had to carry a mobile phone, a music player, your credit and discount cards, your apartment and your car keys with you whenever you left your house. This credit card sized device packs all that you could imagine. Read more about it at:

  5. USB Flower pot speaker

  6. How does it feel to have a flower pot as your speaker. You may be wondering how that can be possible. So here is a flowerpot that can play songs and what not just like your regular speakers and at the same time have a flower as well. Read more about it at:

  7. Powerglove Mouse
  8. Ever seen a mouse that you could possibly wear, a mouse that will move along with the movement of your hand. Well here it is. Or a mouse that you could wear on your head even when travelling on a bike. Read about it more at:

  9. iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser
  10. So you are missing your dear pod when you are stuck up inside your toilet. Don’t worry; you can dock your pod right away, even in the toilet. And no need of earphones as well because this even has a speaker underneath it. Read more about it at:

  11. Astalavista baby
  12. Well that’s what you will be saying after owning such a unique piece of gadgetry including a gun inside a regular mobile phone. Just twist the phone and you will be ready to blast. Read more about it at:

  13. The WMD
  14. So do you like your PC to look like a nuclear bomb, ready to blast off another Hiroshima. So here it is, the WMD or weapons of mass destruction. Read more about it at:

  15. The Tidy Tippist
  16. Generally after usage of our keyboard for a certain period of time, it gets dirty. Well how do we clean it? Well wash it, that’s how. Still don’t get, it’s a waterproof fabric keyboard. The keyboard is hidden inside a decorative, washable tablecloth. Read more about it at:

  17. RC Golf Incred-a-ball
  18. Want to try your hand and beating Tiger Woods at the PGA tournament, then what you need is this. Read more about it at:

  19. Mental typewriter
  20. This brain-to-computer device converts your thoughts into cursor movements on screen. 128 electrodes are placed on your scalp and software than decodes EEG-like signals into usable information. Read more about it at:

    Srajan Mani

Internet Explorer 7 – They STILL can’t do it right

Internet Explorer 7 still has problems with .png files…woe is MS

Firefox 2.0 (yay!)

Internet Explorer 7 (boo!)

Although, to its credit, Microsoft has fixed various problems and miscellaneous complaints with Internet Explorer (at least it has attempted to). The problem is, its been 4 years since IE received a major update and this comes just a tad too late.

The issues fixed include CSS interpretation and an alpha channel for png files (but the color still isn’t right). I’m trying my best to promote Firefox, although Opera is also a good alternative.

And then you get to look at this