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The very best

Here’s wishing all of you a Best of luck for the exams and that you do great in them. I also hope that one of THE finest(Avante-garde) batch of Exun that shall be passing out this year gets amazing grades, acceptance in the university of their choice and go on to bigger and better things.

Peace out

Manas Gautam

Computer Speakers more sensitive than a mobile !

An Invention – Computer Speakers are sensitive than a mobile !

I don’t know if its actually of any use but I need to post this in order to get your views and ideas on the same because it does help us in enhancing our concocting skills.

I had my cell kept near my computer speakers which were obviously switched on. Whenever someone calls up, a disturbance with a peculiar sound in the speaker is produced exactly 3-4 seconds before the cell actually starts ringing.

Now we can capture this disturbance produced in the speaker with a suitable instrument that is in turn connected to an LED or an alarm. Well, whenever someone will call up, the LED will glow or the alarm will ring just 3 seconds before the cell actually starts ringing. This means we have come out with an invention of a device 3 seconds more sensitive than our cell phone.

I know 3 seconds are of no use. Anyways, the cell will certainly ring after 3 seconds and we can attend the call. So, whats the big deal ? Well, in the world of technology even a milli-second matters and we are on the road to competition !!

Please let me know about your views and ideas by posting in the comments section.

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Exun Batch of 2007 Says Good Bye

Gursartaj (alias Gudi):
Things should move the way I dream about them, “they will – one day!”

Siddharth (alias Sid):
“iSid” therefore I am.

Dhruv (alias yet to be formed):
Management, manage men or manage myself, I do it all.

Varun (alias evk):
Computer Science is no more about computers than ASTRONOMY is about “Tell’ scope”.

Rasagy (alias noname.cpp ):
I love writing “Obfuscated code”, One day I will radio it.

Udit (alias u.d.):
Rambled by my thoughts but programmed as I live them.

Tushar (alias document1):
“My Beta version is yet to be known to me too”

Mohit (alias Mohit what else):
“Beauty of my work is in the way I do it!”

Rohit Garg (alias Rg):
I need a Break Dance not a Break, I am James “ JAMES RG ”

Sanchit bhatia (alias fishy boy):
The world lies in the scope of my “Pick-Cell”

Shrey Verma (alias Shrey):
Did u SEE my Latest Animated SPEECH? Flabbergasted was “I” with its “Animated Version”.

Mukund Kabra
My life is a hidden mirror – Get me out by typing “ATTRIB –h –r”

My programs are encoded in own password protected code

Abhishek Suri
Abhi “Sur” bhi to hai – Yes I m the OLD Exun Showman