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Sneaking on your neighbour

This article and the tricks given in it are only possible on sify broadband. I have not tried it on a system with airtel broadband but I hope it does work on it too. People using airtel broadband plz leave u’r observations in the comments.

The trick which i am about to tell u will allow u too see the address of the site which your neighbour is viewing at that moment, also the user i.d. and computer name or the service being used by him, but it works only in a range of 1.5-2 k.m. ie.all your neighbour’s within a radius of 1.5-2k.m. will be a victim to this. It will only work if your neighbour and u have a sify broadband connection. Please do not hesitate to use this trick as sify already knows about this trick but they do not wish to correct it.

1) Download any packet analyzer from the internet. As u all know that when you connect to the internet, information is transferred in the form of data packets. Therefore this packet analyzer will capture useful packets and display it to you.
I recommend that u download ethereal from the following link:

2) Now the basic principle on which sify broadband works is that a local server and a router are installed after every 2 k.m. these routers distribute the connection to at least 20 users of the same neighbourhood and all these routers are together connected to the local server.
So, now the basic problem in such a network is that data being exchanged can be captured by any p.c. in the network.

3) So now, just connect to internet using sify and open the packet analyzer (I am going to be using ethereal over here), click on the button on the left side which says capture data packets. Select u’r network and say capture.

4) Now just leave it on for a few minutes and then click stop.I will like to show you the output which I had got

5) I would like to tell u that my sify i.p. was Now if u look closely at the output I have got, u will notice that it has captured all data packets which are being sent to the local server. To get the data which is in the data packet just click on it and look into the white space in the bottom.
In order to give u a clear picture I will just discuss the data packets which I have captured:-
This tells u that the user with the user i.d.-prasanji has just logged into the network. The data of this packet is something which I will discuss in the next post.
if u see the contents of the data packet then u will see that the user-shrisai with an i.p.- is using bittorrent to download something.
3) ALL THOSE DATA PACKETS WITH A PROTOCOL( it’s a column in the arrangement ) AS DNS

The simple analysis of these data packets will tell u the site which the other user is viewing. For eg. On clicking a data packet and then looking in the white column gives me the following output

000 00 c0 69 0c 23 84 00 05 6b 00 0e a9 08 00 45 00 ..i.#… k…..E.
0010 00 3e 01 f5 00 00 80 11 26 b7 0a 13 30 2e ca 90 .>…… &…0…
0020 0d 32 04 14 00 35 00 2a 0d e0 49 43 01 00 00 01 .2…5.* ..IC….
0030 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 77 77 77 06 67 6f 6f 67 6c …….w ww.googl
0040 65 02 63 6f 02 69 6e 00 00 1c 00 01 ….

this simply tells me that the user has opened The userid of this peson would be visible in the info column.

If any one of u have any doubts about this post then please send me a mail at

My next post would be about using free sify broadband but would only be posted on next wednesday,by the way this just tells us how weak sify is in the matters of security. So If any one of u are using sify broadband then please throw it away.

Ankit srivastava

Exun 2004 Introduction Video

This video brings back memories… Exun 2004 was so ossum!

For the geeks (hehe, which all of you are supposed to be), this video was made on the school 1GHz iMac (whither Mac Pro?) using a piece of software known as LiveType (whose legality was questionable), part of a suite known as Final Cut Studio.

Exun Programming Competition

Exun Programming competition for classes VI to X was conducted online on Saturday the 19th of August 2006 and was a success. All participants were given 6 Questions and 24 hours to solve them. The following are the top scorers :

Utkarsh Ohm
Class/Sec : 10F
Score : 585

Vipul Malhotra
Class/Sec : 9C
Score : 545

==Gaurav Misra

And you thought a Blu-Ray was BIG?????

These discs have the capacity to hold up to 3.9 TB of information, which is approximately 6,000 times the capacity of a CD-ROM, 830 times the capacity of a DVD, 160 times the capacity of single-layer Blu-Ray discs and about 8 times the capacity of standard computer hard drives as of 2006. The HVD also has a transfer rate of 1 gigabit/s. A 3.9 TB HVD could hold between 4,600–11,900 hours of video—just over one year of uninterrupted video.

Though still in the research stage, it employs a technique known as collinear holography, whereby two lasers, one red and one blue-green, are collimated in a single beam. However, Maxell is expected to release in September 2006 a disc with a capacity of 300 GB and transfer rate of 20 MB/sec.

For more info –

Bro. Aloysius Matrix-Ecomm Symposium 2006

Mount St. Mary’s School

The symposium to be held on the 25th and 26th August aims to focus on the development of students in the field of Computer Science and Economics. It will feature concurrent and general sessions including:
• Symposium
• Group Discussion
• Quiz
• Gaming
• ProgramIt!
• Digimaging
• WebPresent
• Matrix Challenge
• Ad-Enact
• Sloganomics
• Logo Challenge

• One team consisting of a speaker, an interjector and a visual aid supporter may participate in this event.
• A maximum of 3 minutes will be given for speaking.
• A maximum of 2 interjections will be allowed per speaker. Cross-questioning will not be allowed.
• In the absence of any interjection, the speaker stands to gain full points for his/her interjection.
• Presentations to be submitted on CDs at registration on Day 1 of the symposium.
• Points will also be awarded to the Best Visual Aid Supporter.
• Topics for symposium:
1. Change of course with open source.
2. Hacking – Boon or Bane?
3. E-Governance – Is India ready for it?
4. What makes the SENSEX sensitive?
5. The future of Global India Inc.
6. Family Business in India – Is the split inevitable?

Group Discussion
• One member will represent each school.
• Topic will be given on the spot.
• There will be two rounds.
• The GD will be conducted in batches (minimum of 6 participants) depending on the number of schools participating.
• Six participants will compete in the final round on Day 2.
• Time: 30 minutes per batch(prelims), 1 hour final.

• One participant will represent each school.
• Three rounds of Gaming will be held as given in the schedule.
• Participants have an option to bring their own USB mouse and USB controller (to be used in the gaming event only).
• Participants should be ready for all types of games.

• One participant per school will be allowed to participate in this event.
• Participants are required to make a website for a fan club of a sports team.
• Participants will be judged on their creativity and design.
• Participants are requested to submit their web presentation on CDs at registration.

1. Only one team per school consisting of 4 members will be allowed.
2. Each team will be given a topic on the spot to prepare an advertisement, which will launch the product.
3. Each team will be given approximately 45 minutes for preparation.
4. The team may use any PROPS, CHARTS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS etc. the host school will not provide any props.
5. Time for presentation will be 3 minutes including one minute for stage preparation.
6. The presentation will be in ENGLISH.
7. The team will be judged on:


Quiz (Computers + Economics)
• One team consisting of 3 members only.
• There will be a preliminary round and four teams will be selected for the final quiz.
• Time for prelims: 30 minutes

Matrix Challenge
• Two participants from each school.
• The event will be a series of challenges testing the participants’ knowledge of Technology, Software and Hardware.
• Time: 2 hours.

• One team per school consisting of three participants only.
• Team can choose between Visual Basic and C++ logic-based questions.
• Turbo C++ and VB 6.0 will be provided.
• Time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

• One team consisting of 2 members can participate in this event.
• Participants will have to work on Adobe Photoshop to create their masterpiece based on the topic given on the spot.
• Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


1. One team per school consisting of 2 members will be allowed.
2. Team members should have a thorough knowledge of Adobe PHOTOSHOP OR MICROSOFT POWERPOINT
4. The topics will be given on the spot and no further changes will be entertained
5. Participants will be allowed to bring IMAGES,PICTURES AND GRAPHICS and will have to submit the material 10 minutes before competition for VERIFICATION (with the name of the school).

• CONTENT : 15



1. Only one team per school consisting of 2 members will be allowed.
2. Time allotted for the challenge is 20 minutes.
3. There will be no prelims for the challenge.
4. Logos of all products and services are included.

No student can participate in more than one event.

The teams for all events have been finalized except Logo Challenge (1 member needed),Matrix(1 member needed),Sloganomics & Gaming.Interested members are requested to contact the presidents.

Vista Hacked

While Microsoft talked up Windows Vista security at Black Hat, a researcher in another room demonstrated how to hack the operating system.

Microsoft has touted Vista as its most secure version of windows yet. Windows Vista has many layers of defense, including the firewall, running as a standard user, Internet Explorer Protected Mode, /NX support, and ASLR, which help prevent arbitrary code from running with administrative privileges.
However, Joanna Rutkowska, a Polish researcher managed to bypass the shield and get her code to work. This could be done only in the administrator mode.

For more information –