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How to make scratched CDs work… No, seriously

A simple way to remove scratches from a CD so you can get your data back off the disc again.

Step 1 : Gather Required Materials.

First gather the following materials.

– Paper towel (softer is better)
– Polishing cloth (eyeglasses cloth will do fine)
– CD scratched beyond playability (Easy to find)
– Can of Brasso Metal Polish.

Step 2 : Add Brasso and Start Polishing!

Take some of the brasso and pour it onto the CD. Please be careful with the Brasso, and only perform this in a well ventilated area. I was making this guide at at the office, and forgot about the fumes. I had to polish the CD in the stairwell as I would have fumed out my co-workers otherwise.

Use the paper towel pieces to polish the CD. Polishing is ideal in straight strokes from the center of the disk to the outside so you polish perpendicular to the tracks on the disc. Because I was short on time, I used small circular motions similar to how I’d polish a car. Take your time with this. Add Brasso when it dries or gets pushed off the CD. Continue this process for about 15 minutes.

You should feel the abrassiveness of the Brasso on the CD as you are doing this. If not, then use a different papertowel. The brasso is removing part of the plastic from the disc not adding to it. You are actually scraping away part of the CD which makes the existing scratches smaller.

After 15 minutes or so, Rince the CD off under water and check the CD. The brasso will have left small scratches on the disc as it wore down the CD. Keep going until the deep scratches are gone, and all that remains are the marks from the brasso. (they will diminish as you continue and get an even surface again).

When done, rinse the disc, and wipe it with the soft eyeglass cloth.

Step 3 : Insert CD into CD-ROM Drive and Test.

Take your polished, rinsed and dried CD and test it in your CD ROM. If it still doesn’t work go back to step #2.

As you see by my example, I was successful at pulling the data off my CD-ROM.

I have not attempted this on DVDs or video console games. Please do this at your own risk. results will vary on your patience, and polishing technique.

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Google Mars is released !

So our expectations were true.A new planet-spanning Web site–Google Mars ( – launches it on what would have been Mars astronomer Percival Lowell’s 151st birthday. At the heart of the new Web site lies a gigantic picture-puzzle image of Mars created by researchers at Arizona State University’s Mars Space Flight Facility.Provides – Regions,Mountains,Plains,Spacecraft,Canyons,Ridges,Stories,Dunes Craters.Just like the Google Moon which is web based.On 12 March(my B’day) the domain was found to be pointing to Google as seen through CNAME record.Within 1-2 hours of release mails started bothering me asking for the same.Then I went to the google homepage and saw the logo.Gaush ! Google Mars was out !

Apple to set up tech support center in India

As pathetic as Apple is in India, it seems that even Apple is not stupid enough to not cut down costs by moving tech centres to Bangalore. Read this news excerpt from

Apple is setting up a technical support center in Bangalore, India, according to a report Thursday in a local Indian newspaper.

Apple will hire 1,500 staff at the technical center by the end of this year, according to The Times of India newspaper. The center will have 3,000 staff at the end of next year, the report said.

Representatives from Apple’s Indian operations were not immediately available for comment.

A number of multinational technology companies, including computer maker Dell Inc. have set up technical support centers in India, to support their global operations.

Of Exun Fame

Something really peculiar happened to me today. I had gone to a job interview, and as is usual, the employer asked me about some of my hobbies and how I got into computers. Please note that this employer is a research scientist at the robotics institute at Carnegie Mellon. So obviously I tell him about Exun. Here is the surprising bit, he knows what Exun is. In fact when I used his computer to go to the, it showed up on his history. Apparently, he and a few of his colleagues usually look up highschool tech websites for the fun of it, and he reads lnexun every so often.
I was pleasantly surprised, I mean it is something that people like him read sites started by highschoolers, and especially ours.