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11 ways to outstand your website

This basically concerns our Exun Web-Designers.These tips are just a guideline, don’t stick religiously to them.I know I don’t tend to bother with number 9, unless im making a commercial site! But this is the most fundamental of all in the long run of good webdesigning…

1. Consistency

Colour schemes, page layout, font type & size should all be consistent throughout your site. Indeed if you have an established corporate image (colours & logos) this can provide the basis of your site to improve company or brand recognition. Graphical icons used should persist on all pages to improve navigation and recognition.

2. Conciseness
Unlike traditional paper-based media more space does not mean more cost. Some sites cram too much information on each page causing problems to your visitor in recognising the section they are looking for. Generally people read up to 25% slower from PC screens therefore too much information on each page will give rise to ‘visitor fatigue.’ Descriptions should be brief with links to greater detail if viewers want it. Whitespace can be used effectively to space content across a page for ease of reading.

3. Easy Navigation
Navigation should have a natural logic. There should be no dead-ends and viewers should not need to use their own Back button. Navigation bars should be comprehensive and have a consistent theme. They should be placed in the same place on each page, normally in the margin or across the top.

4. Update Your Site Often
People expect the Internet to hold up-to-date information. Unlike other mediums your web-site should never be out-of-date. Even subtle changes to page layout and graphics on a regular basis can give the impression of ‘freshness’ even if the content has not changed.

5. Consider Download Times
Too many sites include wonderful graphics, video sequences and other animations which are eye-catching but take forever to download. If a page has not fully loaded after 8 seconds the chances are your visitor (and potential customer) will move on to another site – probably your competitors! Graphics should be simple and consistent whilst multimedia and other features that require special plug-ins should be kept to a minimum.

6. Make Information Accessible
There is nothing more disheartening to your visitor than being confident your site has the answer to his or her question but being unable to find it. Viewers must be able to gather information easily and quickly, this will encourage return visits.

7. Avoid Long User-Input Forms
Having to answer a long list of questions is a sure way to lose a visitor’s interest. Many people are reluctant to give lots of personal information. Questions should be kept to a minimum.

8. Use Contact Us Links
Viewers enjoy the interactivity of the Internet. They should be given the opportunity to ask questions or request more information. It is imperative though that all requests and questions are actioned as soon as possible.

9. Check Detail
Spelling errors, poor grammar, poor page layout all add up to an inferior presentation. The smallest detail can give rise to a poor image of your business. Sites should be cleared of outdated information and checked for compatibility across a number of browsers.

10. Site Under Construction
This is a definite No! If your site is not ready do not launch it. Viewers will not re-visit it to see when it is up and running. They will go to your competitors site.

11. Quality Content
I(Dhruv) believe that content has greater importance than any other parameter in developing websites. Unless you have good content, users have no reason to visit your website.And unless you have good content, people will certainly not come back to your website.Never underestimate the importance of high quality and orignal content.
…This is suggested by Dhruv

So to say, I am giving my website a drastic makeover – i.e will be the most updated website of all Universe,Astronomy and space related websites.Presently I get around 30,000 hits a day(10,000 unique visits) and 100s of emails for putting ads and links of other website on my site.If any of my friends want his or her blog or site listed on my site feel free to contact me.

Bram Cohen @ Stanford!

The Inventor of BitTorrent

BitTorrent is one of the most popular P2P file-sharing networks and also the one with the fastest growing user base, simply because of its brilliant packet distribution technique.
For all those who dont know, this is the guy who started it all. Thanks to him, users worldwide (including Yours Truly) can download large files like movies and ISOs at HttP speeds.
The best part?The MPAA cant touch him : D

Here he is getting his groove on at Stanford University
Real interesting session , but he’s kinda wierd..

Check this out!!

What you have just seen is the Numark iDJ.
The iDJ is a 2-channel mixer that enables mobile DJs and iPod enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate their portable music libraries with other music and sound reinforcement systems—transforming the iPod from a personal music player into a source playback device. With its compact form factor, comprehensive feature set, and a blue on white aesthetic appeal that blends perfectly with the iPod, the iDJ makes the music more accessible and the party better than ever.

Its basically something which has brought 2 generations together. The iPod Generation and the Generation of the old DJs. Now you can have your own DJ party with nothing more than 2 iPods, and an iDJ. And what’s more?.. it costs just as much as another iPod(ahem..certain models..ahem), $400. So if you and your friend wanna be the next DJ sensations, the iDJ is just for you.

Vibhas and I are already gonna be the next DJ sensations and thus we need your help with getting one of those shiny new iDJs.

Please contribute generously to the Gudi and Vibhas iDJ fund and help them conquer the world. We tried selling all our clothes but all we could get was $40.

So please contribute

signing off
P.S.: This post was Vibhas’ request

What’s next for Apple?

By Philip Michaels
Source: Macworld magazine

This just in off the fake news wire…

Apple to hold no special events next week

CUPERTINO, CALIF. (Imaginary News Service)—After holding two press events in as many weeks to introduce the video iPod, refurbished iMac, dual-core Power Mac, and Aperture image-editing software, Apple announced it was not scheduling a special event next week to unveil new products.

An invitation sent out to the press by Apple displays the words, “We Got Nothin’” on top of a picture of a shrugging Steve Jobs. The pockets on Jobs’ trademark blue jeans are turned inside out, apparently signifying that hardware updates or new OS X applications are not on tap for next week.

Reporters are expected to gather at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters out of habit next Wednesday at 10 a.m., where they will be completely ignored by Apple employees going about their regular business. Once the non-press event concludes, the few reporters who remain will be escorted away from the building by Apple security guards.

Mac rumor sites are already abuzz with reporters on what products Apple won’t be announcing next week. “Since no product announcement is scheduled, the possibilites are endless,” said one rumor-monger, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “It could be a Pentium-powered desktop or a tablet or a cell phone or even a low-calorie dessert that doesn’t let you down in the flavor department.”

Reacting to the first Apple event-free week since late September, Wall Street analysts immediately downgraded the company’s stock from “Buy” to “Sell, Sell, For the Love of God, Sell.” “While it’s all well and good to roll out innovative, headline grabbing products two consecutive weeks, Apple’s inability to do so for a third week in a row clearly indicates that the company is doomed and will probably shutter its doors before the end of the quarter,” one analyst said. “To repeat this message, press 1 now.”

Meanwhile, some in the press complained about the ongoing attention being paid to Apple. “Microsoft has plenty of weeks where it doesn’t announce anything, and nobody makes a big deal about that,” said PC Magazine columnist John Dvorak. “This clearly shows a pro-Apple bias among technology writers at leading publications. I could list them by name, but I’d just as soon not call out David Pogue, Walter Mossberg, and Steven Levy.

“Bias is a terrible thing,” Dvorak added sadly. “Especially when it’s bias about an obviously inferior company like Apple.”

Some cool new things coming up from MS

Thanks for help on the DNS issue, its solved and i can access the site now. Been on vacation all these days (river rafting etc) so could not thank you earlier.

So … here’s where you can get access to a number of Microsoft communities. Take your pick and get involved !!

One site that deserves special mention is . Check out the Windows Vista video on the opening page. And if you want to dig deeper, check out the video Jeffrey Snover – More talking about Monad or some of the Windows Internals/Windows CE interviews.

Till next time … shine on

The new iMac: A short user review.

I guy on my floor just bought the new iMac. I must admit, it looks really nice, but it isn’t much better than the previous iMac.

The Positives

If you use your computer for viewing a LOT of media then this is the computer for you. Front Row is incredibly useful, but only for media. I mean if you really do view a lot of pics on your comp, and spends hours on video browsing, buy the iMac NOW. Also, it really does add to the look of a room, not to mention clearing up desk space. Finally, the SuperDrive is standard now, which I like.

The Negatives

The graphics performance is better, I’ll give you that, but it’s not really that appreciable. Also, The remote is only useful If you wanna run iTunes or iPhoto or something. It has practically no other function. You really would like it to have mouse level functions, but it just doesn’t. There is a lack or foresight in the iSight. As it’s actually a part of the screen, you can’t move it, which is a serious liability for any webcam. I mean if you want to show someone your room, you have to get up and move the entire computer, which, as I hardly need to describe is quite a pain. Finally, Front Row is … let’s just say that it has limited use. It’s brilliant to play music, but just the iPod worked better for me. I don’t really spend a lot of time looking at pics, so that bit didn’t work out. As for the video thing, I could just all my videos in the same folder and that would work fine for me

My point? My point is that the iMac was, and still is, one of the best desktops out there. However, if you were holding out for the Intel Macs, I suggest you wait. The new iMac, though nice, is not a very great improvement over the last one. As a matter of fact, if looks aren’t an issue for you, I think you’ll find just a regular desktop a lot more cost effective.

New iMac G5

Apple has released new version of iMac G5 with Apple Remote, Might Mouse included. Apple Remote, like Windows XP Media Center Edition, places all jukebox stuff like music, movies, photo, dvd, control volume etc, (finally i think, apple has copied some stuff from windows). Its has 6 buttons and can do all the functions. It is more thinner than ever, has 250 GB 7200 RPM HD, 2.1 Ghz PowerPC G5, 128 MB Graphics Memory. And also the mighty mouse. The new iMac G5 makes my Powerbook 17inch look like Lisa.
Take a look:

If somebody is thinking to buy Mac, I suggest don’t wait for MacIntel (they are still long way to go), buy it now, it will cost around 75K (20inch version) and 60K (17inch version) including taxes and discounts.
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