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Awake! Awake Now… Members of the Exun Clan!

We’ve probably said this a million times, but we’ll say it again – you are a member of Experts Unlimited if and only if you are an Expert Unlimited, and Experts Unlimited are:

a) those who are the best at what they do, and
b) those who stay the best

Either a or b won’t do – you need both. And if you don’t comply with this, please be prepared to leave Exun because you’re no longer an Exun. One of the happiest things we got done in Exun last year was to get the “Once in, not out” rule abolished. There were some members who didn’t get selected by us specifically and were not upto the mark. The need for downsizing might arrive again, and soon. We used to complain about Exun a lot in classes ninth and tenth, because, even after repeatedly trying to get in, they just wouldn’t accept us as members. But now we realize how important that was. For one, now we look back and see that getting into Exun was an achievement, and, after getting in, there was hardly a single day in school on which we didn’t do something Exun-related.

Is a member active simply because he/she shows his face in the lab everyday, asks stupid questions, checks his email (or complains about the Internet not working) and goes away? No! And if you do/think that, you’re wasting your time and damaging the clan. Everyone needs to take up some project or pursue some idea or another. A lot of the members simply stand in the sidelines and watch, and this is sad because Exun should simply not have any sidelines at all. If you want to stand in the sidelines and watch, you simply should not be in Exun at all. is a great initiative by Dhruv Agrawal and other members should also similarly introduce their ideas into the real world. Unfortunately, is also the only initiative I’ve seen this year, and that says a lot about what’s going on… or not.

So go on… show us whatcha got!

— Karan & Maanick

Domain Square 2005

Although Domain Square 2005 concluded last week for class XI and XII, the results are posted today. Sorry for any inconvienince.

The Winner of Domain Square 2005 is:-


Thanks to all the people who have made Domain Square 2005 a success. Thanks and see you all next year.

Manas Gautam
p.s. more than 150 students people participated in this event and all of them were Counter Strike crazy.

Silico Battles

It’s going to held on 8th and 9th of Spetember at Ahlcon Public School.
The major events are as follows –

Senior Programming
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Classes X – XII

Software Display
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Classes X – XII

Senior Quiz
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 2
Classes X – XII

Digi Imaging
Topic – Sportsmen are mere brand ambassadors than true sportsmen
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Classes IX – XII

Web Presentation
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Topic – Sixth Sense – A Spice added to Science.
Classes IX – XII

Flash Presentation
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Topic – Floating houses in space
Classes IX – XII

Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Classes IX & X

Junior Programming
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 1
Classes VI – IX

Participants per team – 3
No. of teams – 1
Classes VI – IX

Junior Quiz
Participants per team – 2
No. of teams – 2
Classes VI – IX

Surprise Event
Participants per team – 8
No. of teams – 1

No individual can participate in more than 2 events. At least, thats what their website says.
Can I go for the Crossword and the Senior Quiz?
For details on other events and the schedule, visit their website

I just visited our school website and i must say, kudos to the photographer, the pictures of our school are awesome!


Hello everyone

We plan to hold EXUN 2005 in the last week of October or in the first week of November.

Schools are requested to send us feedback if they have their exams or anything so that we can keep the dates accordingly



Open for all students of classes 6 to 12.
You have been invited by to register yourself
at this forum to interact, learn and exchange ideas. Here you could post any problem related to Maths, Computer Science, Science, Physics, Chemistry right from class 6 to 12. Even you could post any piece of interesting news, make announcements for the DPS, R.K. Puram community, create Polls where users may vote.
It’s free and we encourage every student of our school to become part of this forum and use this place to their advantage.

This site has also been linked to and
School appointments may use this site to make announcements and create opinion POLLS for students to vote besides interacting with each other.
Next Steps:

1. Please follow the link below:

Register yourself by giving your username, email address and password.

2. Once you become a registered member of this forum, you could post new topics in a forum of your level depending on which class you belong to, post replies , view topics in a forum . We can create new topics like Interactive zone etc.

Also, All exun members please use the EXUN Forum on this website for posting
QUIZ questions, PROGRAMMING questions, CROSSWORDs and other challenging questions and get to learn from each other

Thanks! Dhruv Agrawal, Abhisheyk Gaur @

Blogger Accounts

To the Members of the Clan of Exun

It would be an understatement to say that I am being pelted with requests for “Blogger Invitations” for, as, these days, I have the pleasure of showing up in school in a manner that can be best described as “every day”. However, I have to disappoint those Prospective Bloggers by informing them that, since I have graduated from the grey walls of the school back in April, I no longer have the authority to do what they want of me. So, let me make this declaration that I am not to be contacted for Blogger Invitations. For that purpose, you must either contact the two Presidents of the Clan of Exun, the Senior Coordinations of the Clan of Exun, or the Head of the Clan of Exun, who are, in that order, Abhisheyk & Ishita, Gursartaj & Dhruv, or Mr. Mukesh Kumar.

Of late, I have also heard one more curious piece of information from certain members. The dialogue is as follows: “Now that we’re in ninth, can we post on ln(exun), please?” I have removed subsequent question marks from the end of the sentence for clarity; however, the message is quite clear. While founding this blue-headered website, I had no intention of limiting posting to members of certain classes only. While I cannot say if the rules have changed, if they have not, I request that, in the same manner as Exun Member Photographs, all those who have not been made members of this website be rounded up and sent Invitations by the Proper Authority and Channel, hopefully regardless of age, sex, creed, caste, colour, strength of character and intelligence.

Always at your service,
Ex-President of the Clan of Ex-un

PS1: As a request to the side, I would also like to be stop being pelted with requests for Words of Pass. I have none.
PS2: I do not know if this entry complies with the Strict Regulations of Postable Content. If it does not, then I apologise profusely and invite an Administrator to nullify the entry.
PS3: Try “Look What You’ve Done” by Jet.

Online Resource:Programming is a comprehensive site for C/C++ users,beginners and experts alike.The site provides many tutorials and sample codes.The ‘Tools’ section is a handy guide for beginners. There are tutorials for virtually every concept and fundamental in C/C++ including OOP.The site is also abundant in challenges,contests and quizzes waiting to be exploited.
So all you brilliant minds out there…get cracking!!