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Windows Vista Beta 1

Last week Microsoft said that the operating system known for years as Longhorn would be called Windows Vista and that a beta version would be available by Aug. 3.

Then on Wednesday morning–a week ahead of schedule–the software giant said that the beta is ready to go.


Programing Thingamajig

Ishan, Abhay, Mukul, and I are planning on holding some sort of an algorithmic programing workshop day-after-tomorrow, that is on the 27th from 1:30 – 3:30 PM, somewhere inside of school (one would hope), and hopefully if you come around to the eGurucool lab on that day someone would tell you where to find us.

We plan on covering basic recursion, some amount of dynamic programing, and introductory graph theory, or some subset of those topics, depending on how much time we have on our hands, and as far as I know we would probably not be doing anything which would require you to prefer one particular language over another, however a basic understanding of itteration (that’s basically a suave way of saying that you should know about loops, though I use that as an example, know some amount of programing, you should have gone beyond hello world programs in at least one language), and such things would be helpful.

I know this is really short notice, and hence it would be really great if people spread the word around, and while I know there are a billion reasons why people would want us to shift the date around, however due to prior commitments it is unlikely that all of us would be able to make it to school on any other day, so we would really like to do this on Wednsday.

I hope to see some of you around on Wednesday, and I would really appreciate it if people spread the word around.

Aurojit/The Mascot

Attention Members

Attention all Exun Members.
You are requested to each write a paragraph about yourself to be put up on
It should include your hobbies, interests, etc.
Please Mail it to me at: as soon as possible
Thank you

Members’ Photographs

The following members should reach the e-gurucool lab on July 22,Friday in the break to get their photographs clicked:

  1. Dhruv Aggarwal
  2. Swati Gupta
  3. Aayush Kumar
  4. Saumya Kharbanda
  5. Rijul Bhardwaj
  6. Mukund
  7. Aditya Jain
  8. Sakshi Gupta
  9. Aditya K
  10. Shrey Verma
  11. Bharat

In case I’ve missed somebody who doesn’t have their photograph on the members page, turn up for the photo session anyway.

And introducing… The iPod flea

Check out this iPod parody commercial which pokes fun at the ever decreasing size of the unit and the endless proliferation of accessories made for it. The spoof promotes the iPod Flea, an MP3 player so small it can play just one song over and over for an hour.

I just love the tagline – You’ll be itching to use it!

Windows Media Player – the NY Times site

QuickTime – Layer’s Magazine site