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Lets Buckle Down !

Hi… I’m posting after a long time.

The thing which is concerning me and of course all of us is the exun website design which has not been finalized yet.All of us have to definitely make it before EXUN 2005.

Gaurav had shown us a good design but I don’t know if he is still altering it according to the suggestions given by us.
As far as logo is concerned –

1. Should we work on it after the website is made so that it goes according to the design and other placements or we should make it separately ?

2. The logo can be very simple – we can just use a unique font (like Gursartaj had shown us the exun logo with Captain podd font)

3. A small stylish graphics can go with the logo which will also look simple.

4. The present logo is also good.

As far as the Website is concerned –

1. In the beginning we shouldn’t go for any complex designs with rollovers , gradient effects and big animations. Lets start with a basic html homepage with a simple header and navigation menu.

2. Slowly all designers can contribute and we can comeout with ideas and accordingly we will alter the template.

3. The other thing which is very important is the matter of the website.We have to decide that what more content we have to add at the right pages besides the existing material on

The task before us is not very easy but its also not difficult – our combind efforts will help.Almost all of us have given our contributions personally – be it the template or the logo or any flash animation.What is required now – is the joint effort. I have been noticing – we post our work here … others comment / give their views … then its finished and forgotten.Lets start finalizing things…I think on the basis of fields(like webdesigner , photoshop person , animator) we can assign the different parts of the website and start building it.Ofcourse .. Mukesh sir’s help is the must.

Here are some logo designs – analyze each one and give your views.

Fedora Core 4 : Available

After miserably failing to installed FC3 on my 1997 computer (10GB Harddisk, 64MB RAM, 600MHz Intel Celeron (Coppermine)) I was finally able to install it on my Laptop, with 1.5 GHz Pentium M (Centrino), 40GB Harddisk, 512MB RAM, DVD-CDRW, (and all other Wireless specifications…).

FC3 took just under 30 min to install. I partioned by 40 GB Harddisk to 32GB for XP, 6GB for FC3 and remaining 2GB for a Shared FAT32 Drive (Cause NTFS Support in linux is still in experimental stage and I don’t want to mess up my XP).

This time my laptop touchpad (As it is PS/2) was working unlike my serial mouse on 1997 Computer and I did install the linux in Graphical Mode. Initially I tried to parition my harddisk using Disk Druid only, but it fails. It cannot resize my XP as NTFS is not supported. I tried to use ‘parted’ but it also fails. So I had to use Partition Magic. I downloaded Partition Magic, 87MB from Limewire, but it turned out to be German Edition! I somehow (using german dictionary) translated it and partitioned my harddisk.

Anaconda (FC Installer), Although did give me error when i selected automatic partition option, even though i had created 6GB free space on my harddisk. Eventually I had to manually partition it. It is recommended by the author’s of the linux kernel 2.6.x that a SWAP Partition must be created which should be twice the size of your RAM (If you have 512MB RAM, then size of SWAP partition must be 1024MB), I didn’t create one! It did install without any error even though i didn’t create a SWAP Parrition. I created only a ‘/BOOT’ partition of 110MB, where the boot record and boot files go, and ‘/’ Partition of 7GB (Workstation Installation), where FC3 files go.

FC3 as I told before, is very nice. It comes with all the utilities and program that a common user will need. But as they say “Linux is for a Genius, By a Genius”, is not recommended for normal users. I created a 2GB FAT32 Partition for sharing files between XP and FC3. I expected it to show up as soon as I login, but Alas! I had to mount using ‘mount -t vfat /dev/hda5 /mnt/SHARED’ command and had to edit the /etc/fstab to mount Shared drive every time I login. Although Debian is recommended for user who have shifted to linux, But i would prefer FC4 as softwares bundles provided with debian are old and it take years to release a new version of debian.

After installing on my laptop, I once again tried to install on my computer, after quadchecking the boot partitions and other settings. Result – It did install this time, but didn’t run. I realised that problem is not after all with Anaconda, the problem is with GRUB (GRand Unified BootLoader). The boot loader display the message – “Loading Stage 2”, it fails and system halts. I checked the various bug tracking websites and found that indeed there is a problem with GRUB. It fails on old machine. Anyway i am planning to install Win98 on it, the only OS in the world which could somehow run on my computer.

Overall FC3 is very good, and once you will start working on it, you will simply like it. Fedora Core 4 Is now available for download from,(Use mirror site, something is wrong with their main server, approx 2.5GB). I have not installed FC4 as yet, but according to some forums, FC4 do have a Read/Write support for NTFS. Almost 99% of the people have given thumbs up to FC4. I also hope that they solve the GRUB Problem and do provide other boot loader like LILO with Anaconda.

FC4 is available not only for x86 (32 and 64 bit) but is also available for PowerPC 32bit and also 64bit. So all those people who have macs can install FC4.

Just spreading the word

Exun has now become an entity on (the online encyclopedia). Thought this might encourage people to make Exun better and better. All members are free to edit and elongate the post. I, myself, am working on a long entry and will post it on Wikipedia shortly.

Thanking You
Manas Gautam
(Let the revolution begin)

p.s. Comments please.

Just spreading the word

Exun has now become an entity on online encyclopedia). Thought this might encourage people to make Exun better and better. All members are free to edit and elongate the post. I, myself am working on a long entry and I will post it on Wikipedia shortly.

Thanking you
Manas Gautam(Let the revolution begin)

p.s. I am open to comments. Thus comment away.

Oracle Academy News

I am very happy to inform all of you that our first batch of Oracle Academy has successfully completed Database Fundamentals & Database Programming course. They will be getting chance to appear for Oracle Certified Professional Exam soon.

Congratualtions to all the candidates of 2004-2005 batch
1. Karan Misra
2. Radhika Malik
3. Abhishek Nanda
4. Aakash Agarwal
5. Apoorv Agarwal
6. Gursartaj Singh
7. Dhruv Kumar
8. Gopal Kumar


I just came to know about a software called SKYPE, which can be downloaded free of cost from It allows you to talk to anybody round the globe free of cost(that is except the internet cost, of course)….!
You just need to have a microphone or something similar at both terminals and the software…and probably dsl to make it faster…
It’s clarity is better than any of the messenger services we have..
Try it out, it’s amazing. Add a webcam and you could have an online conference…
Happy chatting!!