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Treat Cancelled

The 5 Star Treat promised fo the winners of Access 2004 has been cancelled due unavoidable reasons. Infact we have no treat in our hands. Seems the only treat we might have in the exun 2004 farewell treat

Its sad that only exun gets left out on treats. We win the most but we never get recognized. The Music Guys won Bergins and they got to blow thousands and thousands at Pizza hut and Nirulas.. Me and Karan,as Presidents, tried to change the image of exun for the better but our efforts havent seemed to work… Hopefully the Future Presidents and Coordinators will be successful


Welcome EnUn!…contd.

The launch of EnUn – Entrepreneurs Unlimited – a company that shall offer integrated solutions for absolutely anything related to computers – is on the cards. An idea that, when executed, shall help Exun tap vast potential available and chanellize it positively for returns in hard cash. That’s stand-alone income generation for Exun and the employees of EnUn. Continue posting your ideas as comments(9 comments carried over from Nov 25 archive).


Prospective CEO

EnUn website

Ok guys,

I want to thank Karan for letting me participate and post blogs here. To start off, i used to be an advisor for Exun back in 98-99. I’ve seen your guys website for the exunclan, and i wanted to help in giving it a facelift. I wanted to start off by designing the logos. and here’s something i’ve come up with.



Looks very simple, but its good for printing and nothing too fancy. i want your guys input as we go on from here. i want help in giving this website i facelift, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

We’re just at the beginning phase of development but any input, criticism is welcome. This will lead to a stepping stage for a really good, interactive website.
I also need to ask anyone of you who’s interested in volunteering for this, email me at, with the following info:
1.Your name
2.What can you contribute towards the development.

So, first lets get a team started, and then we’ll work towards our targets.
I do have access to a lot of resources which will definately help us accomplish our goal(s).