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Modem 2004 – Logic Programming

Modem 2004, Modern School, Vasant Vihar – few people participated in this event ie only in progamming and gaming. Mainly because the exams were too near. The prgramming questions were simple and I expect all questions will be solved by the exun programmers. Infact two out of them must have been done by all exun programmers as we have asked these questions in various tests. People interested in knowing the questions may download it from here.

I would like to apologise for being so late in posting the questions, actually I didnot want to type out four pages. So today I scanned it from school- but unfortunately there were no floppies to transfer the scanned file to the HCL computer, and it also doesnot have any network connection. So I had to type out the entire quention paper. And so dont blame me if there are any errors as I am not in a good mood right now.


Greetings All Exun Members

This is to inform all about a pan-Exun meeting which shall be held after the exams i.e. on 12th October, Tuesday

This meeting shall take up matters related to our Symposium plus any suggestions or questions which might be held in the minds of other Exun members

THIS is to inform all senior members i.e. members in Class 11 or 12 and all Junior Coords and there are only 3 of them

There shall be a meeting of these people on 11th October, Monday.

Thanking Everyone

–Gursartaj, Junior Coordinator

MSM Event – Clarifications

Most exun members will argue that this entry should have been a comment but I think that the Presidents thoughts should be displayed with some pomp and fanfare. Anyways,back to the main point, The Mount Saint Mary’s School Computers + Economics Event , as the name suggests has 2 genres of events- Economics and Computers. Exun has full control on the Computers Events which are

  • Programming
  • Flash
  • Web Designing
  • 3D Graphics

We have Partial control over the ‘Grey Areas’ which are

  • Quiz
  • Symposium

We have to consider the Eco Dept about quiz members. Symposium topic selection, speaker etc will be done by the Economics Department. We can most probably select someone for Visual Aids

The Rest of the events are out of reach from exun. If you want to take part in ‘Only Eco’ or ‘Grey Area’ Events, contact anyone of the following teachers

  • Ms. Renu Nayar
  • Ms. Amrita Dutta
  • Ms. Geeta Kumar

These three will be able to help you. One more thing, reiterating your interest in the comments section for taking part in any event will not boost your chances (Bribing Helps a lot though !! 😉 )

The Sleeping President

Spokesperson Auditions

The recent spate of Group Discussions, and Computer Symposiums, and what I have seen that come to these events has prompted me to hold an audition for further positions of Spokesperson, Exun.

There are now a lot of competitions where you are required to SPEAK about computers, and lets face it, it is communication technology after all, so you should be able to frikkin’ communicate about it.

Anyhow, requirements for the position are:

a)A working knowledge of the tech-world, and all recent happenings

b)A more than working knowledge of the tech-scene in India

c)Fluency in speech (this can be worked on though, believe me, I was a terrible speaker)

d)Lastly, and most importantly, confidence on stage. You aren’t anything without that, cos no one will listen.

Open auditions to all exun members will be held by yours truly sometime in the week after the exam, depending on how many people show interest.

With the permission of my Honourable Presidents, I would like to in fact make it an open audition to all interested, rather than a restricted exun member audition.

Das Ish All

Your friendly neighbourhood SpokesBlah!

Programming Competition at Kulachi Hansraj

Raman Khatri and I had gone for a programming competition, Edge 2004 to Kulachi Hansraj on 21st. There were two questions to be solved in 40 minutes. The questions were easy but we could not finish them on time. It was more of a speed test rather than a logic test. There was a slight error in the 1st program and we lost time trying to correct it. We finished one and a half questions. So, basically we could not win anything. Ahlcon Public School came first in programming. But, nevertheless it was an experience.

-Swati Gupta(XI-I)

Member Photos

As we all know, the Members page contains a list of all members, with their email addresses and photographs. Now, the photos of many members are missing from there. For this purpose, I ask the following members to send in their photos as soon as possible, by email, to

  1. Dhruv Agrawal
  2. Nikhil Agarwal
  3. Swati Gupta
  4. Ishita Kapur
  5. Dhruv Kumar
  6. Arushi Gabrani (!!??)
  7. Udit Rastogi
  8. Sanchit Bhatia
  9. Gaurav Mishra
  10. Aayush Kumar
  11. Anant Jain
  12. Saumya Kharbanda

Ever since Digex has taken over like the Undead, the camera is no longer very easy to find; it previously used to be in Sir’s room all the time, but now it’s impossible to find it. Since we have amongst our midst two Digex+Exun members (Gaurav Mishra, Manas Gautam), I request them to organize a photo session after the exams and take pictures of all the mentioned people. Those who have digital photos of themselves, please send them in as soon as you read this; if you have an analog photo and a scanner, do the same.

Also, I have asked Manas (are you listening?) a long time ago to collect the pictures of Exun events from the Digex folder and put it in a folder I can find them. This includes pictures from the “Sessions@Exun: PHP” event as well as the “Inter-section Class X Quiz”. Again, I ask both Manas and Gaurav to act on this as soon as possible.

Since there are exams in the middle of all this, I expect this job to be complete by 15th October.


ExunWe take printouts

Customize FireFox

Get Firefox!Here’s a very nice tip for FireFox power users. Type in about:config in the address bar and press Enter. You will see a whole lot of options with values and all; there will also be a Filter bar on the top, which you can use to find the desired setting.

One irritating thing is the sound FF makes in the ‘Find as you type’ feature when it doesn’t find anything. If you want to turn it off, then find the value called:


Right-click on it, and click Toggle.

Also, some people wonder why, when they had to change the name from FireBird to something else, why they didn’t make it completely different, and why they chose FireBird in the first place? Well, for these answers, type in about:mozilla in the address bar and press Enter; if you still don’t get it, post it in the comments and I shall explain.

Best of luck with the half-yearlies,