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Today my team(me,Ishaan, Aritra) as well as 2 other teams from our school went for a Quiz at Carmel Convent named QUIZOTTICA. By sheer luck we lost out in the semis as all sitter questions were going to our neighbours. Bhavya’s team came 2nd, and first, you can guess! MIS.

Some questions were nice computer related questions. Here they go:-

Which animated cartoon was made entirely on Flash?(sitter)

Which word in latin means ‘First Glue’? (we got the second part of the word right which was ‘col’. We said Fevicol. The answer- Protocol)

Just another question:-

Which instrument’s name literally means ‘made of clay’?(everyone knew this)Mridangam

Anyway it was a pretty good quiz, could have been better, if we won something.

Virus Alert!!!

Hi Exun members

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This has a virus. I don’t know about other e-mail service providers

Hope no one opens it.

GenX 2004 at Army Public School

As Dhruv had metioned, it was a very unexpected win as only 7 of us had participated in 4 events. He’s also told you the results so i’m not going all over them again. The programming event surprisingly had a 10 minute prelimnary round where we had to answer 14-15 logic based questions and 15 schools were selected. The main event was for ane and a half hours and had 4 questions which you can download by clicking here. The event was not organised in a proper way as the judges didn’t even have sample outputs and would sit and check each output maually or run their program on another PC and check. If any of the junior programmers of Exun want to, they can mail their solutions (C++) to Infact, i would like all the class XI Exun Programmers to solve the paper.

Army Public School

Great Event (I’m saying this because we won and not because it was actually a great event!). We won 3 out of the 4 computer related events and bagged the overall First Position for GenX (The computer wing of the event). Prateek and Swati came first in programming, Gursartaj and Abhisheyk came second in the Quiz, and Gursataj and Dhruv (c’est moi) came second in the web designing competion.

A quite unexpected win as the TapsFest is a very large event and our school didn’t take part in most contests, and also because we didn’t know there was a separate computer trophy.

This is also our first overall victory for this academic section.

Hope we making winning a habit!

Congratulations!!! Winners deserve 3 cheers … Great !!! Keep it up for coming events (Mukesh)

Modem 2004 at Modern School Vasant Vihar (24 & 25 September)

Senior – Classes 9-12

Junior – Classes 6-8

Sub-Junior – Classes 3-5

The information quoted is “as is”. So there might be [many obvious] mistakes.


  • Ringtone Composition (Senior) : The teams will be required to compose a .midi file using Fruity Loops. The Ringtone should have a maximum length of 9 seconds. Total time given to each team will be 60 minutes. The size of the file and compatibility of the ringtone with different Symbian OS will also be a criteria of judgement.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Crossword (open) : A preliminary written round will be held to select 8 teams for the finals on stage. Crossword questions will be based on technology, current events, softwares, new hardwares, etc.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Logic Programming (Open) : The teams will be required to complete a set of four programs in 2 hours. All teams will receive the same problem set and the programs will be tested on the spot using standardised test data. The SEARCC/CSI scoring method will be used, i.e., there will be time bonus points. Software: Turbo C++/Visual Basic.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Junior Gaming (Sub Junior) : A preliminary round will be held to short list the finalists. The games will be announced on the spot.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Digital Imaging/Greeting Card Making (Junior) : Each team is required to bring their own DIGITAL CAMERAS along with their connectivity kits (USB wires, floppy cards, memory card readers, etc.) Teams must also get the drivers for their devices to operate on Windows 98/Me, 2000, XP. Teams will have to go around school and capture photographs.Then, using the above stated softwares (CorelDraw/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator) along with the pictures captured, they have to create a GREETING CARD.

    Time Limit : 60 minutes for capturing photographs within the school premises, 90 minutes for creating the Greeting Card.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Senior Gaming (Senior) : A preliminary round will be held to shortlist the finalists. The games will be announced on the spot.

    Participants per team = 1
  • Group Discussion (Senior) : There will be two batches of teams for the preliminary round. Four top speakers from each batch will take part in a group discussion conducted on stage. Topics will be given on the spot.

    Participants per team = 1
  • Digital Promo Making (Senior) : Teams will be provided with Video Clips, using which they will make a Promo on the given topic. The Promo should not exceed 120 seconds. Software: Adobe Premier.

    Participants per team = 2
  • Cell Phone Screensaver Competition (Senior) : Teams have to work on a 178 x 208 pixel canvas size. The screensaver should not exceed 15 seconds. Software: Macromedia Flash.

    Participants per team = 1


Day 1

Day 2

Names will be submitted to Modern School Vasant Vihar on 1 September 2004. Once you drop your name for a particular event in the comments, there should be no change of heart. Please submit your name only if you’re sure you want to participant in that event.

Contacting Modern School Vasant Vihar

Phone: 26146469, 26144388

Fax: 26146369


Exun does not have any more information. Please contact Modern School Vasant Vihar for clarifications.


Exun Programming Entrance for Class VIII: Logic Test

Very few people turned up for the test. We were anyways not expecting much attendence due to lack of advertisement for this event. However, all the six people who did give the test have cleared the prelim. The questions were divided in three levels, level III being the most difficult one. Points were also awarded accordingly. The response was not very encouraging as only two people managed to get a level III question right, but on the other hand, no one fared badly. The results are as follows:

    • Raghav Arora (VIII-C) : Scored the maximum no. of points, but wasn’t able to get a single Level III question right, which was dissapointing.
    • Rahul Bhatnagar (VIII-L) : Second position, one correct level III answer.
    • Mohit Deep Singh (VIII-C) : Third, one correct level III answer.

    Due to lack of participation, we will soon be organising another logic test for class VIII. As mentioned earlier, the six people who gave the tests today do not have to give this upcoming test as they all cleared the prelimnary test. People will be chosen from both the batches. You can download the questions and try them.The solutions are also available here.