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Domain Square Gaming Competition : Day 4 – Class 11

In my humble opinion, the Class XI Domain Square has been the best-organized and best-performance Domain Square yet. Not only did the players fight each other like pros, but also there was very little chaos even though the computers had loads of viruses, and we did not have to resort to rude language with anybody. Also, just the right number of people showed up and were finished in just one batch.

The game was timed (15 minutes) and the aim was to get the maximum number of frags. In this case, the winner managed to get 63 frags:

    Sunny Kumar Aditya (XI-K)

I hope that the Class X Domain Square on Monday will be as successful. Now that I think back, we had almost cancelled today’s event this morning because of the profusion of viruses, but we fought back the viruses (quite literally) and prevailed victorious.

Thanks to Souvik Das Gupta, Maanick Nangia, Siddarth Nangia for help in organizing the event,


PS: Without critics like Souvik who ask for perfection, we can never improve. Perhaps Souvik’s eternal expression of “the sky is falling down – do something!!” just might prove to be useful.

Sessions@Exun: PHP by Mukul Update 2

This is Karan posting in place of Mukul. We have decided on Tuesday, 3rd of August (so that you don’t have to miss stayback classes) starting from 1.30pm. Currently we have only a handful people who have said they’re interested in learning PHP, so eGurucool Lab should be the perfect place to have it.

Please post comments regarding any queries and be quick so that we might be able to make appropriate changes. Also, those who’re interested, please tell us so in the comments, so we know how many people to expect.


Programming Test – Class XI

The test took place smoothly without any serious system problems. But to be honest, we expected them to do much better. The paper was simple but they made it look difficult, even though the time limit was extended to 2 hrs from 90 mins. Only three people had some clue about the paper. The rest..?? Infact one or two walked out of the test saying that they could figure out nothing. Fine now lets come to the result:

  1. Nikhil Agarwal (XI-H) : He came first. Had extremely clear logic and solved two questions. Also knows web designing and flash animation. He has been selected.
  2. Swati (XI-I) : She also has been selected. She managed to figure out the logic of crypting question and almost made the program.
  3. Niharika Mittal (XI-L) : She almost managed to figure the logic behind Aurojit Panda’s question.

Well you can also attempt the paper. You can download it here. Do post your comment on the difficulty level of the paper. In case you manage to crack any of it, send it to us by e-mail at Please do not post the solution as a comment due to two important reasons. Firstly, because the comment becomes too long and secondly, because some people have been given this paper to try at home.

Schedule for programming test of class VIII-IX has not been finalised. It shall be posted on logexun whenever it is ready.

Vampire Numbers

This is quite a simple problem primarily for the newcomers into Exun’s programming team (basically for class VIII or below).

Vampire numbers are four digit numbers in which the two numbers multiplied are in the product – for example, 15 x 93 = 1395.

Write a program, as short as possible, that finds every vampire number.


Domain Square Gaming Competition : Day 3 – Class 9

The event for Class IX was an absolute nightmare. Only 5 machines out of 20 were functional because the rest had been devastated by viruses, and kept shutting down spontaneously. I have no idea how we dealt with the 30 or so kids there.

Results anyway:

    Shankhayan Dutta (IX-K)

In the wake of virus epidemics, the Class XII event has been moved from Wednesday the 28th to Wednesday the 4th of August.