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Tiger Unleashed (Quizzers please note)

Today, Apple has previewed Mac OS X v10.4 codename “Tiger”. Many of these features were supposed to be included in Microsoft’s next version of Windows codenamed “Longhorn” due in 2007, but unfortunately Microsoft has withdrawn plans for some of the most salient features. To my surprise, Apple has managed to conquer the goal that Microsoft declared as too tough to make it even by 2007 – this was the searchable File System (also known as WinFS). Apple touts its new Search backbone as “Spotlight” and like Exposé was for Panther, Spotlight will be for Tiger. I shall not mention much more than what you can find out from Apple’s Tiger Website. However, it should be duly noted that Spotlight will be using metadata as one of its many criteria for searching.

Other important improvements in Tiger are Dashboard and Automator. Do check out Apple’s website for more information if you so desire. In other important announcements, the most important is the announcement of a 30″ LCD screen by Apple which would run at a resolution of 2560 by 1600 (very very very very big) and would need not only the most powerful graphics card available for the Mac platform but also two DVI connectors instead of one to feed it with the graphical data it so hungers for. Notice that it towers above the Power Mac G5 (which is much bigger than a normal tower PC itself).


Attention Programmers

I hope all of u are aware of 8 queens problem on the chess board ..

IF NO!!!

8 queens problem is – to place eight queens on a chess board i.e. on a 8×8 matrix in such a way that none of them clash each other.

(those who dont know how to play chess – queen can move in all the directions horizontal/vertical/diagonal)

So, now I am looking forward to a program written in any language – C++/Basic/VB/Pascal to provide all possible places on a chess board where 8 queen’s can be placed.

Please do not submit downloaded program (from Web)! Only original entries will be entertained!!

EXUN 2004

Hi folks! and Congrats karan for becoming the president!

Its nice to see such an active exun blog. By the way, when’s EX04 happening, can u update me on that from time to time.

thanks guys.




Answers to Compulsory Quiz


  1. Field Programmable Gate Array
  2. Recreational Software Advisory Council
  3. Multi-resolution Seamless Database
  4. Media Access Control
  5. Internet Message Access Protocol
  6. Business Process Outsourcing
  7. Open Source Development Labs
  8. GNU Compiler Collection
  9. Advanced Technology Attachment
  10. GNU Network Object Model Environment

The Real Questions

  1. Open Source Development Labs
  2. John Tukey
  3. RSAC
  4. MINIX
  5. Stepper Motor
  6. Donald E. Knuth
  7. Daemon
  8. @ symbol
  9. Loosely held collection of NNTP servers which act as a forum, sort of predates the internet, used largely for developer, scientific, porn, fetish, and other non-regular content
  10. When you read you say it as h t t p colon slash slash slash dot dot org. So it’s a tongue twister

Special Thanks to Aurojit Panda for help with the answers.



hi this is udit. we reached darjeeling on the 31st after a long drive ion the rain and fighting with a stupid taxi driver coz he couldn’t find our hotel. the hotel turned out to be alright not very great. at least that’s what i thought. it turns out they have 1 tv, 1 telephone and don’t serve dinner a’ la carte. they don’t even have cold drinks. we were woken up at 4:00 to go to tiger’s hill to see the sunrise but then it was raining and we had to go back to sleep. otherwise, darjeeling’s a nice place to be. lots of places to visit. today we went to the zoo (fantastic), the tea gardens again very nice, japanese temple, peace pagoda- the buddha statue was huge, ava art gallery- you gotta see this. this lady has embroidered or painted pictures on velvet silk etc. and they look fantastic. there are plenty of nice places to eat and plenty of cyber cafes and bakeries. they have a huge mall too. everbody has got umbrellas thrice the size of normal ones. that’s all for now. if anybody thinks this is pathetic just post a comment.