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Programming question.

Right, this is an easy one. All you have to do is write a program.

Here is what it does:

The user is given a list of cards which are arranged in columns. He/She must choose a card and keep it in mind. Through repeated shuffling, the program will ask him/her to identify the column in which the card is. In the end the program tells the user his/her card. The cards in the columns are randomly selected into the column, that is, you can’t decide the column in which a perticular card goes.

WARNING– I have the source code that’s available on the net for this, so don’t try to give me gum.

—- Bloodfist out.

SpokesBlah Logs On

SpokesBlah Logs On

Greetings from your officially unoficial SpokesBlah.

I would just like to point out that I’m not planning to sit on my ass and do nothing. I shall, indeed, be quizzing, speaking for exun, and I shall also be assiting in Talent Hunts, along with Presidents Sirs.

The Report of The Meeting

Let’s keep it plain and simple. Most of the members showed up. This log was discussed and the URL was given to all members, and if anyone’s smart enough to log on to, they’ll be able to make their way here.

So, anyway, this site serves the following purposes:

– Serve the Exun members with news about upcoming events and competitions (including intra-school events and meetings)

– It’s a place where we will post Quizzing, Programming questions so that Exun members can hone their skills.

– Submit Reports like this one for the Exun community (and basically anyone else who cares to read)

– A place where any Exun member can post an entry and be heard by everyone else. Comments help to communicate between authors and readers.

Apart from that, we announced that each Class (from VIII to XII probably) would be having a Domain Square representative who would be incharge of advertising and promotion for that class. This will help us make Exun kind-of object-oriented and easier to handle, especially in these gaming events in which the participation is large. By object-oriented, I mean to say that each person at his/her level gets his/her duties done and then reports to his/her superior. Just that. The superior shouldn’t have to know what the person is doing or how he’s doing it.

Maanick Nangia discussed his Project Billboard which should see growth over the next few months.

Exun made a call for new talent for the group, people who are not only skilled at what they do, but more important, sincere, assiduous and interested.

Oh yes, quite an important thing was that member photos got taken and the member list got updated, which shall be reflected on the website soon.

Mukesh Sir stressed the importance of the fact that Exun members need to keep interacting with each other, not only for the sake of it, but also in that it gives meaning to the fraternité and everyone learns something or another from someone else.

Every Exun member shall be delegated tasks and given deadlines. These tasks and deadlines will be posted on ln(exun).

That’s all folks


President, I say

Pan-Exun Meeting on 29th April

Dear Exun Member

There will be a meeting of all Exun members on the 29th of April, 2004 starting at the beginning of Break that day in Computer Lab IV. I’m sure you’ll be able to spare a few minutes for the Clan.

There will be discussion on many topics including Domain Square, the new Model United Nations Conference, etc.

Please be there, and inform any other Exun member you know.

President of the Exun Clan

Welcoming The SpokesBLAH!

Taadaa!! Exun has a new Post which in formal terms is Spokesperson of Exun but in everyday terms He(He as the person holding the post) is Going to be known as SpokesBLAH!. May I Introduce Bhavya Khanna (The Guy who thinks every Exun Member is a Nutty Computer Geek)as a Formal member of Exun. Bhavya had requested a welcome on the Natural Log of Exun so he has it now.(Booo! Hisss! Who needs him? Boo! Blaaaah!) Bhavya will also be a part of the Quizzing Team.

There is also a near Dormant member of Exun. She is from Class XII and she s the 3rd senior programmer. Her Name is Swati Tuteja. She is Welcomed too!

REPORT: Cyberfest 2004: Day 2 of 2

Quite sad and sorry. Before I start with the bad, let me start with the good. The MJKPS Band is excellent, no mistaking. Those little kids play really really well. They played the National Anthem so well that it put some patriotism back in me, and I realised that yes, I did know all the words of the National Anthem, which I was muttering under my breath. For those who don’t know, I really am not a very patriotic person, and neither am I religious (I’m practical an atheist, an unbeliever).

My only event today was the last event, so I had to pass my time in the Pandal watching Senior Declamation, which was good, I must say (it was on Outsourcing and how it’s evil), but firstly, it wasn’t a Declamation as they promised, but it was actually more of a Debate because some people were for, and some were against the motion, and secondly, all of the speakers (save one) missed two big fat important points (which I don’t really want to discuss here) and that was just pathetic. Plus, I could see from their speeches that each of them had typed in “Outsourcing” into Google and they were all saying exactly the same things and quoting the same figures. That was that.

Senior Quiz started a bit late, as expected. The quiz-master was an alumnus of the same school and it was obviously his first quiz (either that, or he’s generally pathetic) and he was sweating like hell. This quiz even left Mr. Quizzer Outsourcer dazed (but not speechless). To answer each question, one was given a whopping 5 seconds!! For logic questions, 10 seconds. So, basically most teams weren’t able to answer. The rapid fire round was 15 seconds each and at max. one could get three or four questions. Let me cut to the chase, we ended up getting second position. The quiz-master first announced us as the winners, then their scoring software coughed up a hair-ball and suddenly put this stupid school ahead of us by three points. With their Ahlconian attitude (long story about Ahlcon Public School… they disqualified us from the overall trophy for some null reason – basically, people who don’t listen to reason), they didn’t listen of course. I’m also very doubtful about their home-grown scoring software because it had previously added (right in front of the whole audience) 5+5+10 = 10. We didn’t have a chance for the Overall anyway because numerous morons (namely: Gursartaj, Dhruv, Abhishek Suri, Abhisheyk Gaur, Manas Gautam, Mohit Taneja, et al) either didn’t show up for this event or they didn’t win anything (all but the last name are people who didn’t show up because of pathetic reasons and they should be lynched in my humble opinion); hence, I chucked it and walked off carrying a 2nd Position trophy, which is extremely pathetic because I think that in a quiz, one should either bag the event or get nothing.

We won Senior Programming!! I am so happy that SP is working out well because I didn’t want Exun to lose its forté while I’m in Presidency. I would obviously never want Exun to disregard its crux, but if it ever does, let it not be while I’m, uh, in power. Mr. Azgez went home carrying two first position trophies from his first symposium, which I consider to be quite commendable.

–Karan Misra

President, ExunWe take printouts

REPORT: Cyberfest 2004: Day 1 of 2

Arrive at Mata Jai Kaur Public School: drum-guy of the marching band wearing the exact same sash as our head boys and head girls – totally ditto, same chatai material, colour, knot and everything. This school calls its computer competition Cyberfest (as you would probably have noticed), but wait, its computer club is called WHIZKIDZ. Next, they don’t even have an auditorium; we were seated in a Pandaal, which would be more suited to a langar than a computer competition. The chief guest looked like he was the school’s peon, with his chaprasi clothes and simply horrid grammar. We did ourselves the courtesy of not listening to him, and instead munching on our lunch boxes (in my case, of course, munching on other peoples’ tiffins).

The first event was Senior Quiz Preliminary Round. I was quite pissed off because it started an hour late, and Bhavya was even more pissed off, because after seeing the question paper, he realised that it was all technical. I managed to get sixteen out of twenty questions pucca right, guessed on three and left one.

Result: We got the first position in the written preliminaries.

The second event was Linux Programming. I’ve always thought of myself as a seriously pathetic programmer at computer symposia, who couldn’t program even to save his life. That changed today. It was Linux programming of course, which means that there’s less of logic and more of “knowledge”. You have to “know” the arcane commands in Linux. For example, in normal computer languages like C++ and BASIC, ‘if’ statements are either if…else, if..then..else, or if…then…else…end if, but in Linux, it’s if…then…elif…fi. Sorry to geek you people out, but it simply looks stupid. Here’s where we prospered. You see, Mr. Azgez (Exun Programmer 2004-05) agreed to learn these arcane commands and so he did, and with efficiency, over the weekend. Hence, we were the only team to actually type something meaningful on the computer. The logic for all the questions was easy, but we couldn’t attempt one question due to knowledge and time restraints.

Result: Came first

Third event was Extemporé. I’m really not good at it. I got a topic like “Computers have destroyed writing form and expression.” I occupied two minutes of the judges’ time and got out.

Result: Nothing

In totality, both the quizzing teams qualified, no one qualified for extemporé, we bagged Linux but those hapless tenthies and ninethies couldn’t win a thing, neither the digital imaging competition (apparently, in which, they lost their file) nor in hardware assembly (in which they put in the CD-ROM drive upside down).

–Karan Misra

President, Exun

Cyberfest 2004

Competition coming up. Please check out for details.

Tentative Decisions

Senior Quiz

Maanick Nangia

Karan Misra

Abhisheyk Gaur

Bhavya Khanna (if he obliges)

Gursartaj Singh (backup for Bhavya)

Senior Extempore & Declamation

Bhavya Khanna

Senior Programming

Prateek Rungta

Nisheeth Sharma

Senior Linux Programming (shell scripting)

Any takers?

Digital Imaging (Jr.)

Any two out of: Gursartaj, Abhishek, Dhruv

Hardware Assembling (Jr.)


Crack the software (Jr.)


Junior Quiz

Akshay, Srajan

Second Team: Undecided

Junior PowerPoint


Junior Debate


Junior Ad-venture


Registration will be sent in ASAP. Anyone who wants to participate, please contact immediately at or