Monthly Archives: March 2004

Exun is official!

For the first time, I think Exun has been made an official school body. Along with the appointments for 2004-05, yesterday the Exun appointments were also announced. We’ll be having dual-Presidency this year with me and Maanick. The third official post is that of ‘Head of Programming’ and Prateek Rungta is taking it up.

Of course, everyone isn’t happy with this decision. It’s also not all that good for us. I wanted to be a member of the Editorial Board, but now that Exun is an appointment and one person can have only one post, that will never happen. Also, some alumni don’t like the idea of Exun becoming official. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but I hope it’s all for the best.



Ze Panda, ….


Zis is Ze Panda/Aurojit/Panda/ze fat guy who bored u at Exun-Ellite/ze fat guy who sat near ze mac/ze reallllllly fat guy/ze guy who’s half crazy/ze guy who is oh so domineering. Umm well Karan’s finally acting on one of my older suggestions (I had actually written abt this sometime back ). Now ze unfortunate fact of life is zat most of my views r already there on my blog at (where else, huh!!!)…. So u shud read me there….

Ze Panda