Ordin@trix 2016

Ordin@trix 2016 was held at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar on 2nd August, 2016.

The results are as follows:

Hacking – Winner
Ananay Arora

Group Discussion – Winner
Adit Bhardwaj

A/V – Runner Up
Chaitanya Vaish

Creative Event – Runners Up
Ananay Arora
Rohan Dhar
Anirudh Goyal

Movie Making – Second Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal
Shivin Uppal [NE]
Stuti Banga [NE]
Shaurya Jain [NE]

Congratulations to the winners!

MODEM 2016

MODEM 2016 was held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar on 24th August, 2016.

The results were:

Web Designing – Winner
Rohan Dhar

Gaming – Second Runner Up
Ananya Chopra

Programming – Second Runners Up
Ayush Singla
Aman Verma

Movie Making – Second Runners Up
Akshay Khandelwal
Shaurya Jain [NE]

Congratulations to the Winners!

Force Fest 2016 – Overall Winners

Force Fest 2016 was held at Apeejay School, Shekh Sarai on 23rd and 24th August.

Exun Clan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy. The individual results are as follows:

Graphic Design – Winners

  • Neel Lakhwani
  • Anirudh Goyal

Quiz – Winners

  • Baibhav Vatsa
  • Gursher Aujila

Web Design – Winners

  • Vishrut Malik
  • Yashwardhan

PowerPoint – Winners

  • Somesh Kar
  • Ishir Bhardwaj

Programming – Runners Up

  • Ayush Singla
  • Sankush Gupta

Congratulations to all the winners!


Code Wars 2016 – Overall Winners


Code Wars 2016 was held at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj on 23rd and 24th August. Exun Clan bagged the Overall Winners Trophy. The individual results are as follows:

Creative Event – Winners

  • Ananay Arora
  • Anirudh Goyal

Group Discussion – Winner

  • Adit Bhardwaj

3D-AV – Runners Up

  • Chaitanya Vaish
  • Avi Chandra
  • Neel Lakhwani

Programming – Runners Up

  • Sankush Gupta
  • Manav Aggarwal

Junior Quiz – Runners Up

  • Sagnik Anupam
  • Kabir Goel

Crossword – Runners Up

  • Srijan Jain
  • Udit Malik

Techathlon – Second Runners Up

  • Entire Squadron

Congratulations to all the winners!

eSpice 2016

eSpice 2016 was held on 20th August 2016 at DPS Noida. The individual results are as follows:

WebD / Design – Winners : Anirudh Goyal and Ananay Arora

Music Mixing – Runners Up : Anirudh Chauhan [NE] and Ananay Arora

Surprise Event – Runners Up : Shashwat Goel

Matrix Ecomm 2016

Matrix Ecomm 2016 was held on 20th August 2016 at Mount Saint Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt.

The individual results are as follows:

Creative Event – Runners Up :

Neel Lakhwani and Vishrut Malik

Programming – Winners :

Manav Aggarwal and Sarah Randhawa

3D-A/V – Runners Up :

Chaitanya Vaish and Avi Chandra

Quiz – Second Runners Up :

Aveneel Waadhwa and Raaghav Tarak Khanna

Gaming – Runners Up :

Saharsh Vedi and Aryaman Singh

Ads Act – Winners :

Tanoy Majumdar [ETC], Dyujoy Majumdar [ETC], Suvansh Manektala [ETC], Renasha Mishra and Mohammad Osaid [ETC]

Overall : Runners Up

The Winning Team!

Interface 2016

Interface 2016 was held on the 19th and 20th of August 2016 at St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School, Civil Lines.

DPS R.K. Puram won the overall.

The results are as follows:

Creative Event – Winners
Ananay Arora
Anirudh Goyal

Senior Quiz – Winners
Anshuman Dixit
Sudhanshu Aggarwal

3D Modelling – Winners
Avi Chandra
Pradyut Kumar [NE]

Programming – Second Runners Up
Ayush Singla
Aradhye Aggarwal [NE]

Gaming – Second Runners Up
Yuvraj Marvah [D2+]
Veer Vaibhav Singh Rathore [D2+]

Congratulations to the Winners!

Getting Started with Competitive Programming

“How do I Learn to Code?”

This is probably the most nagging question at the back of your mind, once you have decided that you want to learn programming. Like learning anything else, there is no standard process for learning to code. Of course, there are guidelines, there are courses, there are ideologies and there are set traditions, but there is no one single correct way.

The first step is to learn a programming language. We would advise you to learn C++ if possible as it is one of the most common as well as one of the most efficient languages. There are numerous resources available online from where you can learn C++. Some recommended ones are:

We recommend using Dev C++ or Code::Blocks as your IDEs (Offline Code Editors).

Here are some blogs to get you started:

The second step is to practice mathematical and logical questions from various competitive programming websites. This the most important step. You should have practised at least around 50 such questions before moving on to the next step. Some recommended online judges to practice are:

We also encourage you to take part in various ongoing contests on these sites to get an experience of contests, especially CodeChef long, Cook-off and Lunchtime contests.

The third step is to learn algorithms, data structures and their applications. You can find a plethora of tutorials online. Some recommended resources are:

Finding great problems to solve: Search in the given format and read the Quora answers.

Topics in order: A good order to proceed in.

Some tutorials to help you understand important concepts:

Here are some links to some problems on specific topics you should be familiar with:




Basic Math*



Binary Search*



Game Theory





Number Theory







Dynamic Programming*






ZCO Problems – Past years*


INOI Problems – Past years


For any queries regarding these questions, feel free to contact:

Sankush Gupta: sankushgupta99@gmail.com

All this information may seem overwhelming but you don’t need to learn and do everything mentioned in this post. Make sure you try to do as much as you can from the beginning.

Have a nice time coding!


MINET X was held at The Mother’s International School on 16th and 17th August, 2016.

The results are as follows:

Programming – Winners

  • Sankush Gupta
  • Manav Aggarwal

Design – Second Runners Up

  • Ananay Arora
  • Neel Lakhwani
  • Rohan Dhar

Quiz – Second Runners Up

  • Aryaman Dubey
  • Srijan Jain

Congratulations to the winners!

Exun e-Lite 2016 Crossword Finals

Exun e-Lite 2016 Crossword Finals were held on Tuesday, August 9th 2016. The results of the same are as follows:

Note: Exun Clan teams are non competitive

  • 1st Position – Udit Malik and Gursher Aujla [Non-Competitive]
  • 1st Position – Aneesh Gupta (XI-F) and Vedant Singh (XI-F)
  • 2nd Position – Advaya Gupta (XI-J) and Aditya Bansal (XI-J)
  • 3rd Position – Tarun Patra (XI-J) and Aditya Vikram Singh (X-H)

Congratulations to all the winners! You will be contacted soon.